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Monday, July 5, 2010

Ya Just Gotta Believe (In Repeal of ObamaCare)

Rasmussen released earlier today another health care poll, finding that by almost 2-to-1 margins, Americans support repeal of ObamaCare:

Sixty percent (60%) of voters nationwide favor repeal of the recently passed health care law, including 49% who Strongly Favor repeal.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 36% oppose repeal. That figure includes 24% who are Strongly Opposed....

Eighty-one percent (81%) of Republicans and 65% of voters not affiliated with either major party favor repeal; 56% of Democrats oppose it.

With these numbers, one would think that the public would be optimistic about repeal. But unfortunately, people are glum:

Despite the ongoing support for repeal, just 41% believe the law is even somewhat likely to be repealed. Forty-five percent (45%) say repeal is unlikely. In April, however, 51% considered repeal unlikely.

The current figures show 13% consider repeal Very Likely, while 10% say it is Not at all Likely. In April, those figures were 11% and 18% respectively.

Rasmussen believes that low expectations for repeal arise, as much as anything, from lack of faith that Republican lawmakers would follow up anti-ObamaCare rhetoric with action:
Part of it also may come from skepticism that Republicans would be any different. Recent polling showed that just 42% think there would be a noticeable change if Republicans win control of Congress. Republican voters overwhelmingly believe that their party’s representatives in Washington are out of touch with the party base. Just 21% believe that Republican officeholders have done a good job representing Republican values.
What we have here is a failure to believe that America is a place where all things are possible.

On November 4 2, 2010, it will have been a long time coming, but because of what we will do on that day, in that election, at that defining moment, change will come to America.

Including repeal of ObamaCare.

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  1. You must be having a glass-half-full kind of day.

  2. There is a lot of reason to be concerned about the integrity of the Republican leadership and rank and file. It was just a short few years ago we were sold down the river. The ability to get what we want comes with supervision of our elected representatives.

  3. The reason that Americans have little hope of its repeal is that despite the GOP's announcement at it's passage that they will make November about repealing Obamacare, they have since made it clear that they have no intention of doing so.

    The Assistant Democratic Party is a bigger problem than the Democrats. November should be about replacing Republican incumbents AND Democrat incumbents with conservatives who WILL do the will of the people.

  4. Count me in as another who lacks confidence in Republican competence.

  5. November 4! I can't wait THAT long. How about November 2?

  6. I'm sorry, I must have missed something. Where have the republicans made it clear they 'have no intention of doing so'? With all due respect, you have Boehner catching flak for saying he will defund Obamacare, and he didn't back down. You have the King petition going around getting more and more votes from republicans. All the new conservative nominees are committing to repeal, many of them in writing at Club for Growth. Again, I ask, where have they 'made it clear'?


  7. I agree that Republicans usually find a way to self-destruct but the number that intrigued me was that there were 44% of Democrats that don't oppose an appeal.

  8. I believe, help thou mine unbelief.