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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama's McChrystal Dilemma In One Sentence


"I need you to lead us where I don't really want us to go."
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1 comment:

  1. Excellent assessment of the situation we all face since that is what the American public have been saying to Obama for 1.5 years. I hope he doesn't realize until it is too late that we are right. I hope he doesn't realize too late that he should not have fired McChrystal.

    I wrote a post titled "Americans are tired of running the country themselves." Sadly, other than the military, there don't seem to be very many good leaders on which we can rely these days. We know it would not be the President and if McChrystal goes, it will only be further proof of his lack of judgment. After all, the relatively mild criticism of McChrystal ( you were right about this) should let Obama know how deeply he is in shiq with his own troops/people. The only problem is that because of this, the American people are again traumatized by proof of Obama's lack of leadership and that the country is floundering with McChrystal trying to make a policy where none really exists. And as the Rolling Stone pointed out, the civilian side of things is not organized so he is really having to be all things to all of NATO.

    Next thing you know, Achmedinijad will offer to send his Revolutionary Guards to assist us in executing the war that just may come into being against them. After all they just offered to help clean up the Gulf oil mess. Obama, not the enemy, is the unknown. The Taliban and al Quaeda smell blood and victory.