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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rip Van Bumper Stickers

Last week I posted about the Bumper Sticker of Change, which I saw while walking in Rhode Island.

I returned today to Ithaca:

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  1. Ya gotta love bumper sticker activists! I see them all the time around my neighborhood.

    Exhibit A: http://randyhaddock.com/post/416001781/lol-taken-today-in-my-neighborhood

  2. I still have my McCain/Palin bumper sticker on my car! Most of the Obama '08 ones in our small town are gone, although there are a few remaining. Usually with a similar collection of bumper stickers as your picture......like: CoeXisT, Think Green, No War for Oil, etc.

    I LOVE using my car to make a statement! Someone - just prior to McCain picking Palin as running mate - ripped off my oval "W" sticker. I was parked right across from the Obama HQ in our tiny city (manned mostly with out-of-state operatives) when I proudly put my McCain/Palin sticker on. So, who's sorry now?

  3. Saw a small "B.O. - Smell the Change" sticker on a truck the other day. Smiled for quite awhile over that one.

    I'm going to make one up on one of the do-it-yourself sites:

    1-20-09: End of an Error
    Start of a Tragedy

    I have a habit, if traffic allows, of cutting off or drifting close to drivers with CoExist stickers. I find out that most of them have no intention of coexisting and in fact will often turn downright nasty in reaction to my innocent 'mistake'.

  4. Out here in California, the Land of Fruit and Nuts, I still see a couple of Mondale/Ferraro stickers (probably holding the car together!) from time to time.

  5. Yes, I do wonder what goes through the minds of people with cars like that. I am a frequent visitor to ithaca and witness those bumber stickers often. Coexist, is also a rainbow and unicorn mentality. But, I must say that the last time I was there I saw a car with bumper stickers that made me think I was in Texas! I do see the 1/20/2013 stickers every now and then.

  6. Being a frequent visitor to Ithaca I am very familiar with cars like that. It brings to mind something I once heard from my step-dad, being Cuban he used to comment about Cuba and Castro that it was easy to be a communist when one had money. My belief about those northern areas like Ithaca is that it's easy to be into the evironment, diversity and coexisting if you live in a homogenous area and you're not really exposed to government imposed poverty via slums, ilegal alien invasions and militant protestors picketing your neigborhoods.

  7. Knowing the proper definition of "moral value" is a moral value. Not understanding the proper definition simply means you're ignorant....

    but I couldn't fit all that on a bumper sticker.

  8. Somebody's going to have to help me by pointing out what must be obvious to everyone else about this picture. All I can see clearly are the world peace, living wage, and Obama stickers--all left-wing.