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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hey, Remember When Harry Reid Called Petraeus A Liar?


And insisted that the surge engineered by Petreaus had failed:

And Reid calls Sharron Angle crazy?

Update: Interesting post at the liberal The American Prospect on how Reid has used his campaign money and influence for years to shape Nevada politics and to scare off or politically kill off potential Republican challengers:
[Reid] spent years clearing the field by enticing, bullying, and manipulating the strong potential Republican candidates into opting out. The dean of the Nevada political press corps, television host and columnist Jon Ralston, frequently refers to Reid as the state's "Meddler-in-Chief," because nearly everything that happens in the Silver State bears his fingerprints.
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  1. Consider this. Obama couldn’t possibly follow up his McChrystal firing with even a mild run-in with Petraeus. Any further conflict, regardless of significance, would be a gigantic nail in Obama’s coffin, and I’m betting that Petraeus knows this. As such, I suspect Petraeus will heretofore, run this war his way, with no interference from Obama and his band of fools. I also predict that not one soldier will be removed from the battle field until Petraeus says so. Obama and the far left lunes can talk all they want about troop withdrawl, but if Petraeus even utters the first syllable of the word, resign, they’ll cower like a rose in October. Obama may have avoided a major political meltdown with the Petraeus posting, however, in doing so, he has relinquished his ability to demand this war be conducted with toy guns and plastic swords. What should be interesting to watch unfold, is the reaction of the progressives toward Obama when this becomes evident.

  2. I watch these clips and it STILL makes my blood boil! November is coming, and hopefully Harry's in the ash heap of history after the election. Good riddance to bad rubbish.