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Friday, June 11, 2010

Alvin Greene - Why Do Democrats Hate Democracy?

"Elections have consequences."

"Democracy is messy"

"Every vote counts, so count every vote."

"If we ignore votes, we ignore democracy."

"Yes we can."

Any other cliches we can throw at the Democrats who want to negate the Historic nomination of Alvine Greene and disenfranchise voters, like they tried to do through selective recounts in Florida 2000?

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  1. lol, but let's not get carried away, I rather like Senator DeMint ;)

  2. It's not they disagree with "Democracy," because they often do. It is just when Democracy doesn't agree with them.

  3. How about...

    "The people have spoken!"

    "Negate the nomination? You're a racist!"


  4. He won for the same reason obama won the sc primary. There, mystery solved. No need to investigate. Occam's razor.

  5. Alvin reminds me a bit of barack hussein obama- a man shrouded in mystery who came out of nowhere onto the national stage as the dominant party's choice for US Senator from South Carolina. The FIRST African-American man to represent a major party from South Carolina for the US Senate since reconstruction.

    The liberals should be doing backflips with unrestrained joy.

    He has all of he hallmarks of a successful politician - and he is apparently a natural born US Citizen!

    Ok, he's a sexual deviant. Read the newspapers, they all seem to be. AND a felony conviction doesn't keep him from holding a US Senate seat. There are things he hasn't done (I'm thinking Ted Kennedy) that might make him a more appealing liberal, but his career is just taking off.

    Here we have an unemployed black man who lives with his parents and might even own a car - though Alvin isn't sure about that per his interview. He has no prospects of employment in the near future. He's somebody who can feel the pain of the voters. Now if he's successful, he'll grab $175K per year for one term of office, after which he gets that salary for life. He'll receive the best healthcare in the world (not subject to obamacare) for life and will be on easy street.

    The liberals should all be rolling in his dung. He's simply THEIR kind of guy:
    (1) Not too bright - will do what the Party tells him to do - will vote they way he's told to vote.
    (2) A minority (would be better if he's a woman - but you can't have everything).
    (3) A pervert.
    (4) Seems to be able to get votes with absolutely no effort what-so-ever.

  6. LL, you have absolutely nailed it. I hope you post that all over the place. No one has explained this to them better. Bravo

  7. Don't forget the *successful* (suspected) selective recounts in giving WA-Gov to Christine Gregoire in '04, and MN-Sen to Al Franken in '08...

  8. I think the whole thing is pretty funny, what with Democratic "leaders" like Clyburne running around AFTER the primary wondering what happened. It's almost as if they paid no attention to their own party (there's a message there for more guys like Mickey Kaus to stick it to them in places like SC, eh?). Even if Green were a GOP "plant," you'd think that someone in the Party of John C. Calhoun would have noticed a lot earlier.

  9. The Washington Post op-ed page writer immediately cried "Conspiracy!" and couldn't believe he was what he seemed to be: a woefully unprepared candidate! As if Democrats were too smart to run a gentleman with no experience for high office (wait: that sounds like our incumbent Dear Leader). The Dems have to say that it's a put-up job by some crafty Republicans.