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Friday, June 25, 2010

Don't Take Candy From Concern Trolls

Conservatives are a dying breed and the Republican Party needs to move to the center, according to a paper published by the liberal Center for American Progress, sugar daddy of Think Progress and other liberal media message outlets.

CAP published this report because it really, really wants the Republican Party to survive and thrive.  And so do all the bloggers who fed on the story; they like us, they really like us.

Today, Gallup released its update as to how Americans self-identify, and conservatism not only continues to dominate, but it is on the rise while liberalism is falling:

Moral of the story:  Don't take candy from strangers, or advice from liberal media outlets.

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  1. when i see a thing like this, i wonder... are they JUST trying to fool us? or have they in fact fooled themselves?

  2. This is tricky. What's dying is liberalism--good, old-fashioned JFK democratic liberalism. All of those former liberals are identifying more and more as conservatives when the only other option is progressive radicalism. These are the growing indie segment that the progressives can't get back and that a too-socially conservative right won't hold. In that sense a centrist approach is best. Especially this year. These same people are just as turned off by far right extremes as they are by far left ones (though I think the poll data shows that they'll hold their nose and vote (R) or stay home rather than helps progressives).

    On the other, and more important, hand, moving to the center almost destroyed the Republican party--big government, massive spending, new entitlements. I'm not sure that they understand that. Yet. But they will. The Boehners and Grahams and other "centrists" actually need to move right, or move right out of government. Americans are not going to put up with "centrist" republicans because these "centrists" are too unpredictable and weak--they're political creatures, more so than true conservatives and will sell out one principle in pursuit of another. That's not only unacceptable but what caused President Bush to flounder so much (by his own admission) and what nearly killed the Republican party.

    Furthermore, the Republican party is not in favor in America, and they make a mistake if they think they are. The only thing they can do is move right, get back to conservative principles and try to rebuild a truly conservative party. Anything less will lead them right back to 2006-2008.

  3. Why has this not been obvious to the DC crowd over the years?!

    Sure, Leftists set on "transforming" America want Conservatives and Repubs to succeed. Really. Really! "Sure, yeah, Yeah.....that's it! - that's the ticket!"

    Seems to work every time on the RINOish types. They run in fear of not getting "the independent vote" or "the minority vote." Translated by the lying MSM: move to the middle; centrist Repubs do better in the polls; blah, blah, blah. But we are on to their lies, thanks to new media, with great bloggers like you!

    Thanks for the post - and putting the chart of REAL data out there.

  4. This is exactly why the first priority for November is not for Republicans to regain seats in Congress, but for the Republican party to emerge with new leadership that has not sold out to left-wing, globalist, one-world-without-borders interests.

    The most important date? August 24. That is when I hope to see polymorphic pod person John McCain lose the nomination for his seat.

  5. "...On the other, and more important, hand, moving to the center almost destroyed the Republican party--big government, massive spending, new entitlements. ..."

    I'm an Independent who tends to vote Republican. What you're a describing is 'Leftist'...not 'Centrist'. Interesting how definitions differ relative to one's vantage point. From my perspective, subscribing to the universal tenets of Personal Responsibility, Free Market and Limited Government doesn't mark me a 'Conservative'. It means I embrace a balanced, centered view of things.

    Indies dislike the term 'Conservatism' because it makes no clear distinction between a fiscal + security pragmatist and an anti-secularist. We vote the former but shun the latter. What the Gallup doesn't say is which of these is on the rise.

  6. Republicans only have to persuade a quarter of moderates to vote with them, to win. Liberals have to convince 80 percent of moderates to side with them in order to prevail. That looks more like democrats have to move (or to deceive the public into believing they really are centrists- even though democrats never really are centrist) eighty percent of moderates to their side to win. So once again liberals are projecting advice they should be giving to themselves, upon conservatives who should spit on such troll advice.

  7. Here is something that I do not understand. Those who are bashing McCain for his crossing the aisle at times are totally ignoring the fact that J.D. Hayworth was in bed with Abramoff. Also that J.D. Hayworth was one of the pork kings in the House when he was previously in Congress.

    I am truly amazed that these people are so blinded in the way that they are lashing out at McCain that they fail to see the truth about Hayworth.

    It should be a case of really looking at the candidate and not being so blind as to what the candidate did when he was last in Congress... and there should be a big RED flag with regard to Hayworth. The man is not a true conservative person.....