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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Astroturfing For Harry Reid

Democrats are at it again, planting speakers at events in order to create the appearance of a grassroots movement, this time to attack Sharron Angle.

As reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Reid's "machine" (their word) already is running astroturf operations against Angle:
The day before his 70th birthday, Norman Ilchene stood at an “emergency meeting” of senior citizens in Las Vegas and sounded the alarm about Sharron Angle’s plans for Social Security.

“She wants to put us back before the Great Depression,” Ilchene warned of Angle, the U.S. Senate GOP nominee who wants to phase out the New Deal-era program, though only for younger workers, not older folks. “I think she’s too radical for Nevada. We don’t need her.”

What Ilchene didn’t say in his remarks on Wednesday is that the Democratic Party called him to speak at the meeting, which was arranged by the Nevada Alliance for Retired Americans.

But it was worse than planting a speaker. Reid's operatives also manipulated the technology to turn a supposed senior citizens meeting into an anti-Angle meeting:
Several Democratic Party and Reid campaign staffers attended the meeting at the Cambridge Community Center. They operated the sound and computer equipment that projected this plea: “Sharron Angle Don’t Kill Social Security.”
This is not surprising. Harry Reid's entire campaign is premised on attacking Angle as a means of avoiding questions about Reid's ruinous economic policies.

Angle supporters should take some comfort in the fact that Reid, even with a campaign budget of $25 million and the support of the mainstream media, still feels the need to run dirty campaign subterfuges.

Nonetheless, these tactics need to be exposed because sunlight is Harry Reid's worst enemy.

You can support Sharron Angle here.

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