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Monday, June 21, 2010

Anyone But Reid

I just noticed the "Anyone Butt Reid" campaign taking place in Nevada, where an angered former Obama supporter has been planting signs around Nevada with that message.

Unlike the astroturfing of the Reid campaign, which is planting people at events and manipulating audio-visual systems to post anti-Angle messages, the desire to get rid of Harry Reid is real.

So Reid has gone negative in a big way. I've already documented how the mainstream media and nutroots are doing their part in attacking Angle.

Reid also is running negative ads on television, with his $17 million war chest (expected to grow to $25 million).

The response by Sharron Angle (embedded below) is effective, but as Ed Morrissey (h/t for the video link) points out, Angle needs to raise the money to get ads on television.

Angle has raise just over $900,000 since the primary election (as of this writing), but that is not enough. You can donate to Angle here.

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