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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bitterly Clinging To Their Custard and Tax Cuts


Update: A reader e-mailed me as follows:

While Biden’s remark demonstrates the hubris of the Governing Class, Obama’s Ex-Im Bank Board takes the food off their tables.

See: http://www.jsonline.com/business/97225544.html

Wherein, for POLITICAL and IDEOLOGICAL reasons alone, a Milwaukee success story may lose 1,000 employees AND a $600++ million order.

I’d rather be called an ‘asshole’ and eat regularly.
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  1. We here in the Greater Milwaukee area have hit the news for reasons of which I am ashamed. We have a County Board member who is also a Middle School mentor who doesn't know where Arizona is, the VP calling one of our favorites an a$$hole and now The Chosen One wanting to kill one of the last remaining heavy manufacturers in the state. For 54 years I've watched Milwaukee and surrounding communities go from being an industrial powerhouse to a crappy backwater. Milwaukee is the new Detroit, Wisconsin, the new Michigan. What has happened to my home?

  2. Deekaman - here's what happened: unions; liberal fascism (aka progressivism); electing Dems who shake down the workers, not "lift them up out of poverty;" Communism masquerading as "helpers of the little guy;" Cloward-Piven; Obama-Reid-Pelosi.

    I just saw this video - great intro. to what has happened to the wonderful Dairy State - and every state (e.g. Michigan, New Jersey; Prof. Jacobson blogged about Rhode Island's union troubles in earlier posts). Here's the link:
    http://media.glennbeck.com/content/articles/article/198/42254/ .

    Glenn Beck shares the history of unions and Communism in the US. Frightening, and true.

  3. Most of us have heard or read what Thomas Jefferson said during his inaugural address: "A wise and frugal government...shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread that it has earned."

    And now, responding to Thomas Jefferson's admonition, we have Joe Biden essentially saying this: "Hey, Labor, don't be a smartass!"

    Now we know the contempt with which Obama/Biden regard the working man. If you have the audacity to suggest that the government should confiscate less of what you've rightfully earned, you are a smartass.

    I personally think this is scandalous.

    ---Tom Nally, New Orleans

  4. Now Our Beloved President, "Bite Me" Biden, is taking on the Custardier of Wisconsin:

    Biden stopped in to rub elbows with "the small people", and snagged himself a custard at Kopp’s Frozen Custard outside of Milwaukee.

    "What do we owe you?" Biden is heard saying in footage captured by WISN-TV.

    "Don’t worry, it’s on us," the manager replied. "Lower our taxes and we’ll call it [the custard] even."

    "Why don’t you say something nice instead of being a smartass all the time?" Biden said a few minutes later.

    Well, at least Biden didn't call the manager the usual names he and his far left socialist pals reserve for those who dare to question their extreme left policies and programs.

    And of course, Biden later confided that he was 'just kidding'.

    The manager said later in an interview with WISN that he thought Biden didn’t seem happy initially about the taxes comment, but that the vice president later whispered that he was just kidding.

    And of course, he managed to blame Bush as well:

    He then added that he and the current administration "inherited a god-awful mess."

    So did Stanley McChrystal, who made that "Bite Me" thing one of Rolling Stone's real headliners. McChrystal was correct, of course, but as he found out, as a serving officer he really couldn't say that, even if true. "Truth is no defense".

    But I can say it, and what's Biden, either "Joltin' Joe" Biden or "Bite Me" Biden going to do about that?

    Well, at least he didn't use that really worn out cliche they all use when caught with their verbal pants down:

    "I mis-spoke".

    That one covers a multitude of sins and crimes, even some crimes against nature.

  5. So, the guy who's up to his ankles in spilled oil is ridiculing a man who opens and closes a goo valve all day long without disaster?

    Looks like we have a smart-guy-vs.-smartass faceoff here. And his history shows that Joe is not a smart guy.