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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

But Helen Thomas Was So Nice To Those Jewish Students

So what she said was no big deal.

That apparently is John Cole's point in You Got Played, because in the full video which was just released Thomas was nice to the Jewish students:
Now that Helen Hitler Thomas has been forcibly retired, more video of the interview miraculously has become available for viewing....

Clearly, this woman is evil beyond words. The way she smiled at those Jewish kids while giving them friendly advice to enter careers in journalism so they can have fulfilling lives of learning and accomplishment when secretly, I have been assured by
liberals and others, what she really wants is to transport them back to the gas ovens of the Holocaust.
So we all were "played."

Because apparently Helen Thomas must not have said what she said in the original edited video.

Except that she did. It's in both videos.


She gave advice on how to become a journalist, she's just a caring person.

So because not everything Thomas said was abhorrent means that the abhorrent statements are excused?


But she was so nice to the Jewish students who interviewed her.

So saying what she said was okay because she said it with a smile?

Just like the Syrian representative to the U.N. Human Rights Council:
“Israel…is a state that is built on hatred…Let me quote a song that a group of children on a school bus in Israel sing merrily as they go to school and I quote 'With my teeth I will rip your flesh. With my mouth I will suck your blood.'"
Nooooo problem. I hear he said it with a smile on his face.

Which must be why the U.S. representative said nothing in response.

And now for the full feel-good video:

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  1. Eichmann spoke hebrew fluently and had an advanced degree in Judaic Studies. What does it matter how you speak to someone it is your deeds that are indicative of your true intent and feelings.

    The banality of evil (including their own) is surely missed on these dolts in the MSM and the acquiesence of the US representative to the Syrian ambassdor's blood libel should not surprise anyone. It is in keeping with the new Obama strategy for peace in the Middle East. I am waiting for Obama to blame the BP oil spill on Israel for defending herself against terrorists. Suprised Obama hasn't already blamed the Jews in general, I hear they have already started calling us traitors for not supporting Obama's policy of "lets allow the murder of the Jews of Israel" drive towards middle east peace campaign.

  2. She is telling them to become journalists? What, only in Poland and Germany?

    Crazy old lady.

    Enough said

  3. What if these Jewish journalists to be, wanted to work as ISRAELI Journalists? Would she have been so 'kindly' with her advice? Or would she have told them off?

  4. Well, Steve, I'm sure Juan Cole is nice to dogs as well. Point being, Cole has no point other than to defend the indefensible. Another amazing case of someone who is apparently well-educated and intelligent nonetheless choosing to defend people and beliefs that should be abhorrent to anyone claiming to be progressive. I am not a conservative myself, but I understand why conservatives support Israel. What I have never understood is why a lot of progressives in the U.S. and elsewhere somehow feel it is consistent of them to support genocidal groups like Hamas and Hizbullah.

  5. Christopher James set the example and pack your bags and go back to where ever the hell your ancestors come from. And in the meantime why don't the Arabs get out of Kurdistan and get out of Zion and go back to Arabia.

  6. The Devil finally speaks.

    I was wondering when--and to what degree--an invigorated and emboldened strain of anti-Semitism would show itself when this administration got into power a little longer than a few months.

    Darkness has fallen, and now the roaches are back piddling around in the kitchen.

    Let the old bat have her say, says I. Let's hear the lot of them (and per some recent posts by Dr. Jacobson, they ARE coming out of the woodwork now).

    Indeed, let them pine away for yet one more tiny strip of land 1/500 of the land area of the entire Middle East turn into an Arabian fiefdom. Why not? A casual glance at the map that indicates that 1/6 of the world's people are under Islamist influence, is--one supposes now--not damn good enough for some people. Let one small flickering candle of an outpost of Western civilization get snuffed out and have the industry, science, and machinery of productivity and commerce turned over the wondrous ways of Allah's mysterious penchant for head hacking of living, screaming victims and gut-splat brigades.

    As you can plainly see, now that guys like our pal Mr. James and Mr. Cole have chimed in for a history lesson on everyone that got displaced since the Late Plistocene is to be included in the Great Displacement theory of Cosmic Justice, where does it all end?

    Doubtful, however, that Mr. James is ready to pack the proverbial bags and head back to Ye Olde Isle thousands of miles away. Words are quite enough to succor his faux moral outrage at Aboriginal trevails or Native American tribal banishment(even if he overestimated Native numbers by a possible factor of 20-30).

    But I digress. You ain't goin' anywhere, chief. And you know it. Brisbain, Sidney, the Outback with some shrimp on the barby? Matters not. You're set, brother. Aren't you?

    The point: When it comes to Israel, recognized by our nation within 12 minutes of her creation after being hounded from nation to nation in Europe and elsewhere, and duly created by force of law in an international body (the UN) that good liberals find favor with on most every other issue--mere words are not enough to keep the mind from searing.

    Nay, Mr. James wants Israel destroyed, and basically says so in roundabout words.

    So this fool's errand of talking about WHO was where when is merely a tool for a larger goal.

    First it was Jews Back to Palestine. Now it's (surprise) Jews OUT of Palestine, and presumably to somewhere they'll be loved and cherished in multi-culti harmony with an increasingly Islamist Europe that creeps away from the somewhat safer harbors of Western Civilization by the hour with every passing demographic stat count.

    Nice call too from Mr. Cole.

    So, Thomas is not really calling for the ovens to get fired up, now is she? Though more than one so-called Palestinian would shed no tears at that prospect. Still, Thomas alone can't make this happen, so all is fine and dandy with the nasty asides about "Palestinian" land (so named by the ROMANS, by the way, in MOCKERY of the...ya guessed it...the JEWS) and the fact that yes, Virginia, there really was a place called Israel all those thousands of years ago long before Arabian squatters moved in after the Romans sacked the place.

    So, all is cool in Cole's world over at Balloon Juiceyness?

    But as Mark Steyn explains, there IS a general knowledge about just what "go back to Poland" really means figuratively, at the very least.

  7. Foe years I have been trying to warn Jews I know that the recent outbursts of anti-Semitism all come from the left. I have read some of David Horowitz's work pertaining to the links between jihadis and the radical left in America. Unfortunately, I found that very few American Jews are or have been conscious of this trendy, European phenomenon, and most, being liberals, dismiss or ignor my warnings. Indeed, some of them express a degree of suspicion and even hostility because I'm gentile. In other words, I've found that so many American Jews are still focused on the enemy of the past. So many still believe that all Republicans are those country club Republicans who discriminated against Jews 50 years ago. Either that, or they assume that I'm a Christian fundy zealot trying to convert them. Some even assume that white Americans like me are just first cousions to the Nazis. I'm not even religious. I find the fundys tedious too! I never talk about religioun, but they often just assume the worst about me. I'm ready to give up, quite frankly.