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Monday, June 28, 2010

More Pro-Reid Astroturfing from Alliance for Retired Americans

As I posted before, Harry Reid's campaign is attempting to create the appearance of a groundswell of opposition to Sharron Angle by staging purportedly independent protests against Angle's alleged plan to eliminate social security (Angle's actual position is here).

The protests are organized by the Nevada branch of the Alliance for Retired Americans (ARA), which was created in 2001 by the AFL-CIO and is an affiliate of numerous other labor unions, including SEIU.

The video below of an ARA protest is available on the Harry Reid 2010 YouTube Channel:

An important fact is not disclosed about this protest: The person interviewed is Richard Miller, Chairman of the Southern Nevada Steering Committee (h/t David Fredoso) of Seniors for Reid, and also active in Nevada Democratic Party politics.

Miller is on the Board of Directors of the Nevada branch of the ARA, which shows the deep connection between the Reid campaign and the ARA.

Notice how Miller used the word "extreme" three times in 20 seconds when talking about Angle. Miller is using Reid campaign talking points as part of the strategy developed by the Reid campaign to paint Angle as too extreme and dangerous.

No one should object to Reid campaign workers staging protests. But to do so under the banner of the misleadingly titled Alliance for Retired Americans rather than the Reid campaign is, well, .... misleading.

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  1. Harry Reid's specialty = lie, mislead, smear. Angle needs to promptly and forcefully reply on each and every attack - expose these fraudsters for what they are! If she follows Jan Brewer's example, that will be her best defense - a good offense, showing a steel spine, calling Harry on all his shenanigans.

  2. I posted the same video so people could rate, comment, or debate the subject matter as Reid's people have shut all that down. You can't even send Dingy Harry a love note without being his YouTube friend.

    How's that for squashing of dissent, shutting down free speech, and preventing debate.

    Way to go Harry. I can't wait to vote you out!!!!

    "The War is Lost" Harry Reid (D) Southern Nevada aka 'Little L.A.'

  3. It's appropriate for Reid to use the Association for Retired Americans, since this November he will be retired from the Senate.

  4. A pretty angry looking group of extremists....all nine of them... someone should call the cops, before it gets violent. Especially if Reid tries to crayfish on that free dinner at Denny's.