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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama's Gulf Speech In One Sentence


"I don't know where I'm going, but follow me anyway."

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  1. "You'll have to let me do what I'm going to do, to find out what I'm going to do."

    Reminiscent of:

    "We need to pass this bill so that you can find out what's in it."

  2. And, by the way (Obama continues), let's exploit this disaster to sell our alternative energy environmental utopia.

  3. He made one honest statement ... "An entire way of life endangered by black crude". Unfortunately he mispronounced crud.

  4. ... as he stepped off the cliff.

  5. I forced myself to watch a clip of Ogremann and Tingles analyze the speech at Breitbart.tv

    It's especially gratifying to watch the Obama water carriers finally get a grip on reality.

  6. HAHAHAH!!! GREAT! I would have said "And if you believe this, I've got some lovely swamp land outside Disney world to sell you for a buck an acre."

    And salesjerk, I take my hat off to ya. I laughed so hard after reading your comment I thought I was going to have a stroke. I hope you don't mind, but I'm sending that quote to friends and family, crediting you for it, of course.

  7. I cannot stand Olbermann and would not willingly watch any clip with him in it... however, I watched that clip... Fineman was totally stupid... he wanted to give Odumber a pass on that speech. However, I must say that both Olbermann and Tingles were on fire.

    I think that a most appropriate song for them is "You've lost that loving feeling"

  8. I didn't watch, but haven't read how he's dealing with the current level of hypoxia in the Gulf aggrevated by fertilizer runoff from the Mississippi river, and how he plans to deal with the increase of hypoxia should ethanol production in the midwest rise. Yes, that clean, green, energy is the answer to our needs.

    This president seems to have the ability to create two problems while he's trying to solve one.

  9. Spot on with such economy of words.

  10. Boy, did he lay an egg with this one-

    Linked at RR, great post:


  11. http://www.yourish.com/2010/06/15/11252

    Shorter Obama speech
    — Meryl Yourish @ 8:57 pm

    For your benefit, a summary.

    * “I’m going to fight the oil! Call out the national guard! Fight, fight, fight! Oo-rah!”

    * “It’s Bush’s fault!”

    * “Pass Cap and Trade—er, I mean, the new clean energy proposal that will wean us from our dependence on dirty, dirty oil that is fouling the Gulf!”

    * “Bad BP! Evil BP! BP must pay! (Please don’t mention that I am the top recipient of BP money over the past 20years) I’m going to talk to the CEO tomorrow (since you all got mad that I haven’t talked to him yet) and make him pay, the rotten corporate greedy evil bastard!”

    * “Have I mentioned alternative energy yet? Oh, yeah—no more drilling!”

    * “It’s Bush’s fault!”

  12. Obama should have given the "standard speech". Time-tested and short.

    This standard political speech sums up the liberal position: Life is troubling; We will save you; It will take some time, cost some money, and require your full cooperation.

    Excerpt from A Political Speech: Troubling Times

    I could go on. My staff has compiled a list of 463 of life's difficulties, and I am not convinced that we have listed them all. I haven't published this list, it is too depressing.

    The good news is that I am ready to roll up my sleeves, sit down with the very best people who will work with the government, and deliver to you a better life. If we organize things in a different way, and all come together in support of this common good, we can finally get a grip on the situation and prosper in ways that are not even imaginable today.

    I want to be realistic. My time in political office may not be enough to complete all of the changes that are needed. I can set the government onto a new path, and it will be the work of others from my party to continue on that path.