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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Future Unexpected Gulf Headline

"Payments from BP settlement slow to arrive in Gulf"
"Unexpected bureaucratic snafus snarl claims system."
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  1. I watched a portion of the Congressional interrogation of BP. I was totally embarased to be an American. To have these stupid fools berating the CEO was beyond belief. One representative was going on and on about who was going to be fired. I wish the Hayward had simply said that we should start with Obama. BP may have done things wrong, but this is way too much reaction when we have absolutely no facts. I still can not understand why it takes 6 months to figure out what happened and how to correct the problem. Unless you are trying to distroy the pet. industry and the economy.

  2. "Auditors Uncover Widespread Corruption At BP Trust Formed to Benefit Gulf Residents"

  3. Headline:

    "BP goes bankrupt"


    "Obama administration junks bankruptcy code to protect environmental allies."