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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So Will The Media Now Talk About Harry Reid's Record?

The narcissistic mainstream media and its supporters in the left-wing blogosphere have been toeing the Harry Reid campaign line that Sharron Angle has been "hiding" from the press.

What they really meant was that Sharron Angle didn't grant them an interview. She appeared on plenty of talk shows, but none the mainstream media deemed "hostile."

Now Sharron Angle has appeared for an interview with Jon Ralston, a prominent Nevada reporter. Ralston was not "hostile" in the sense of having a clear bias against Angle, but he was very, very aggressive, often interrupting Angle's answers to loaded questions.

By most neutral accounts, Angle acquitted herself well in the interview. Her views are what they are, and the outlandish Reid campaign attacks -- for example that she wanted Harry Reid killed -- have been put to rest.

On other issues, such as abortion, Angle stated her firm pro-life stance (which the despicable left-wing blogs are spinning as being pro-rape and pro-incest), and likely will win or lose no votes on the issue.

Now, will the mainstream media start to focus on Harry Reid's disastrous record?

How about a Ralston interview in which Harry Reid is forced to defend how he would have abandoned the war in Iraq at a critical moment; the damage ObamaCare will do to the vast majority of Americans who are happy with their private insurance; Reid's plans for the job-killing cap-and-trade; the wasteful and ineffective Stimulus Plan; and the looming catastrophe of runaway deficits and national debt.

These critical issues have escaped the mainstream media, which seems intent on trying to catch Sharron Angle in a gotcha moment, twisting her words beyond reason, and chasing after her in parking lots.

When will the media stop doing Harry Reid's bidding, and start asking hard questions about Harry Reid's record?

Update: The Washington Post news folks gave a fair report on the interview. Even Greg Sargent had trouble coming up with an inflammatory headline, focusing not on the absurd charges he's made over the past few weeks, but on the substantive issue of unemployment benefits.

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  1. When will the media stop doing Harry Reid's bidding?

    Not anytime soon. There is too much at stake in this for them. If Reid wins, by whatever means, and this evil man has many, many schemes, then those who have publicly opposed him in the election will suffer greatly. In particular, broadcasters will be likely to loose licensees, and other similar forms of harassment are not at all out of the question for Reid (remember, he is a Democrat).

    If Sharron Angle wins, as we all hope, then those who supported Harry Reid will face no penalties at all, and will simply breath a sigh of relief, along with all the rest of the state.

    We are looking at a feudalistic situation in which the feudal lord is being challenged. Who would dare not to back the established feudal lord? Even though he has been a very wicked ruler, and has done much evil to the people he rules, are they really ready to rise up and burn the castle? We should be passing out matches and kerosene.

  2. "When will the media stop doing Harry Reid's bidding, and start asking hard questions about Harry Reid's record?"

    When Sharron Angle wins.

  3. Vote the 535 in and out on a regular basis.

  4. Larry Kudlow just announced in the introduction to his show that he is interviewing Angle on CNBC tonight. The video should be on the CNBC website either later tonight or tomorrow.

    For someone who is said to be hiding from the press, she sure doesn't seem too camera shy to me.

    (He also said Ezra Klein will be on pontificating about something. I think it's related to the Tea Parties generally and not Angle specifically, but I was distracted so I may have that wrong.)