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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Why aren't you talking to us?"

Shouted an unnamed reporter chasing Sharron Angle through the halls of Congress.

Maybe it is because you are incredibly biased people who call yourselves reporters, but simply are looking for a sentence or clause in a sentence which you can twist for fit your preconceived agenda to paint her as a potentially violent extremist.

You carried Barack Obama's water in 2008, and you are ready to do so for Harry Reid in 2010.

Why should she talk to you? You don't really care what she says, anyway.

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  1. If only she'd turned to them, demanded to know who they were, and then assaulted them.

  2. Old, corrupt, wicked, self serving Harry Reid is a poster child for the obama administration - and YOU ALL want to see this iconic relic voted from office?

    And you call yourselves Amerikans...

  3. I gotta disagree with you on this one, Professor. Angle is a candidate for the U.S. Senate -- against the Senate Majority leader, no less -- and she comes to DC to parade around with various GOPers and sop up some publicity that she hopes to manage to her advantage. But she's not going to answer reporters' questions, leaving the impression that she doesn't fell confident of her ability to do so? Instead, she scampers away?

    This reminds me of when Caroline Kennedy, in search of Gov. Patterson's appointment to Hillary's Senate seat, paraded herself around upstate New York to meet with Democratic Party big shots and glom onto some publicity. At her Syracuse stop, she declined to submit to questions from the ink-stained wretches and ran away. Check out Caroline's performance here:


    I blogged at the time about what this incident told us about Caroline's sense of entitlement and unpreparedness for the office here (which turned out to be true):


    You can't run for or hold high office and expect not to answer questions -- whether from reporters, hostile or not, constituents, hostile or not (see Congressional town halls), or just some college kids on the street (see Rep. Etheridge). You simply cannot -- not and expect to win.

  4. Hey! Did she grab you and put you in a headlock while drunkenly shouting "Who are you? Who are you? Who are you?"

    No? Well, you're welcome then.

  5. I watched her on Hannity and was more impressed than I thought I would be. The MSM was twisting Angle in a direction that was, I feel, suppose to be vetted better by the Tea Party. Hoping to keep the media garbage to a minimum, well.. it's out of control. They love that,the DNCC!

    I am a supporter of the Tea Party movement but not a member.

    I'm not fully enthusiastic about my vote for Scott Brown right now, knowing that Martha Croak-me, was worse.

    But I believe this process is going to be slow. Purging evil always is. One vote at a time. Vote them in...vote them out. America the beautiful.

  6. @John Burke -- She has had pretty extensive exposure in the Nevada press already. I think she will have to sit down with the Beltway media eventually, but given that the Beltway media is just dying to take her down, not conduct a real interview, it makes perfect sense for her to do it at a time and place and with the interviewers she chooses.

  7. Very well said, Professor. Who can blame her for not wanting to give those bums any more ammunition than she has to give them. And yes, they are bums, from top to bottom feeders. Most newspapers and television news programs aren't even up to the level of Grit, or the old Weekly Reader from Junior Scholastic. If I had pursued a journalism career in college, I'm sure I would have demanded a refund long ago.

    I can see it now. About two weeks before the election, good old BJ Billy Clinton will do a large scale campaign appearance with Harry "The Survivor" Reid. It might work. What Angle should do, in my opinion, is slam Clinton for any legitimate and applicable reason she can think of, especially for setting up the atmosphere that contributed to the events of 9/11. Throw in there that old BJ Billy had other things on his mind, and that old Harry "The Survivor" Reid was one of his major enablers. She should get down and dirty about it. Dare that fool to come to Nevada and campaign for Reid.

    If anybody asks her about Clintons campaigning for Reid, she should tell them Clinton should stick to cooking fat kid recipes with Rachael Raye.

    I believe in fighting dirty, by God.

  8. But the thing is, Professor, if you want to avoid the press, you must actually AVOID the press -- not waltz around the Capitol to bask in the limelight of being welcomed by High Poobahs of the GOP, then run away from reporters. Interestingly, after Princess Caroline's embarassing dash from the press scrum in Syracuse, she tried to recoup by lining up some favorable one-on-one interviews but the damage she'd done to her exalted reputation was irreversible. Candidates have to be smart -- or they lose.

  9. I stand by anyone who isn't Harry Reid, and that includes the "princess". I would rather see the media "slam" her for "running away" than sitting down at this point in the game, and pouring her heart out to then. She knows this will be a very dirty and drawn out battle; why give them a leg up, and downgrade herself this early in the game?

    "Retreat Hell! We're just attacking in another direction." (Attributed to Major General Oliver P. Smith, USMC, Korea, December 1950.)

    When is the last time anyone has seen Reid (or anyone on the left) sit down and give a good interview with someone not pitching softballs and candy?

    Burke: Who do you support in Nevada, anyway? Reid? Your adjectives in both posts imply you don't support Angle.

  10. Controlled exposure to press is like being a little bit pregnant.

    Want no press? Don't run for "PUBLIC" office. All that is happening right now has made her even more fascinating and has upped the expectation that she has ample opportunity to speak.

  11. Concur with Prof J's comment: It makes NO sense to give the national media a shot at her; their track record is one of lies, distortions, and innuendo. I give as evidence to support that assertion the grief that Ms Palin got, and the lack of grief that Mr Obama got.

    Ms Angle has the only press she needs: The State of Nevada's media. Anything else will be suicidal.

  12. Sorry guys, but it looks like Angle is having trouble dealing with LOCAL reporters, as well as national reporters. The local TV guy asking her questions in this report is an annoying pest, to be sue, but he's asking her entirely legit questions about her own positions. Her responses are weak at first and then turn into badgering the reporter about why he isn't asking Reid these questions. Frankly, I could do a stand-up on Social Security, the EPA, etc.and ad lib passable answers without any prep. So what's Angle's problem. (Reportedly, she walked away when asked about her past stance that the US should get out of the UN, which is especially appalling since she could have used that position to gain some votes in Nevada!)

    It does no one any good to wish away a candidate's shortcomings. Reid will tear her up if she does not get her act together. That would be a shame since Reid is otherwise toast.