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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Which Country?

"I’ve never visited a democracy where more people whom I interviewed asked me not to quote them by name for fear of retribution ... in the form of lawsuits, tax investigations or being shut out of government contracts. The media here is rampantly self-censored."

Which country jumped into mind first? Which country do you think is turning into this?

Here is one answer, but not the only answer.

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  1. I see the name Friedman and I relax and know that there is still good journalism, insight and thinking going on in the US.

    This was a wonderful article.

    And you are right about Obama in your excellent post. I see Professor William Jacobson's familiar yellow ground with black and red lettering and I know I am on the blog of choice for thinking people.

  2. PS - Just checked Debkafile and JP. Is Iran waiting for the Persian Gulf to fill with our ships before it's "humanitarian aid" ships reach their destination? It is taking them a long time to get there and tantalize Israel into war. Tension builds just as Achmadinejad likes it. (I can never spell his name!). He wants to trap all of our military - simple AND eliminate Israel at the same time. But I am waxing Cassandra-like and should rest from it before I get overwrought on a beautiful Sunday in the East.