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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Questions for the Presidential Address

In advance of Barack Obama's presidential address tonight on the Gulf oil spill, it is reasonable to consider the following possibilities (vote only once, this isn't Chicago):

(Poll closed, final pre-speech results below)

Question 1: How many times will Obama mention that the Deepwater Horizon platform was approved during Obama's administration?

0  -  93%  -  520 votes
1  -  1% -  3 votes
2  -  1%  -  3 votes
3  -  2%  -  11 votes
4  -  0%  -  1 vote
5+ - 4%  -  22 votes

Question 2:  How many times will Obama blame Bush for the Gulf oil spill?

0  -  1%  -  3 votes
1  -  2%  -  11 votes
2  -  11% - 57 votes
3  -  17% - 87 votes
4  -  11% - 55 votes
5+ - 59% - 309 votes

Post speech analysis: Obama's Gulf Speech In One Sentence and Obama - "The Historic Gulf Speech" Live

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  1. He'll say "the last 10 years" a lot.

  2. He'll mention that it was approved under his administration once so as to be able to claim that he took responsibility. It will be similar to his "buck stops here" line which was followed by blaming everyone else.

    Incidentally, I agree with the above comment about "the last 10 years".

  3. "(vote only once, this isn't Chicago)"

    HA HA HA !!!

  4. How many times will we hear "unprecedented?" That's his favorite!

  5. for the first question, is it possible for the number of times to mention it to be a negative number?

    Also, we might ask how many times Obama will mention that his administration gave the deepwater horizon a safety award.

    but we need a negative number as an option to make the poll fair.

  6. " ... an unprecedented example of the failed policies of George Bush and the failed 'small government' policies of the Republican Party, a party of racism, exclusion, high taxes on the poor, no taxes for the rich, cronyism, big business, failed banks, failed investment schemes and unprecedented levels of failed responses to the global crisis. Thank you."

  7. He's a Leftist Democrat. A radical idealist. And an opportunist. (Sorry for the redundancy.)

    That means he hates how society is structured. With healthcare ruined, I mean transformed, and banking nearly done, it's time for the radical opportunist with the big dreams to change how we consume energy.

    So I expect he will spend as much time exploiting the gulf disaster to campaign for alternative energy as he spends talking about how he plans to deal with the actual catastrophe in the gulf.

    If I'm right, then if you take a shot of Dewar's every time he says "clean energy", "green jobs", or "energy independence", please don't drive afterwards.

  8. We're addicted to foreign oil. And the answer to that is to stop drilling in North America.

    "We need green jobs" (as if the 9.7% unemployed among us are turning down jobs because they are green jobs.

    This guy is a platitude machine.

  9. Did you hear it ... Just did you?? He says BP will be held acountable and made to pay for the clean up and enviro damage numerous times and its only fair but not once , not evan once did you hear who was going to protect us from BP when they pass on the cost in gas and desil cost causing everything we use daily to increase in cost and cut out more of the money alot of us dont have allready.. WHO OR WHAT PROTECTS US????????? NOT HIM!!!!!!!!!!