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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bumper Sticker of Change

Saw this yesterday while on a walk in the most pro-Obama voting state in the country:

What most amazed me was that someone was willing to put such a bumper sticker on the car. In 2008 people were afraid to use McCain/Palin bumper stickers for fear of vandalism.

Things have changed.

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  1. I live near Corning and was verbally assaulted by an enraged stranger in Wegman's parking lot about 2 weeks ago. He saw my 2004 "W" sticker in my car window and went postal on me -- from the safety of his truck. He screamed BUSH WAS A F'N IDIOT AND SO ARE YOU! His veins bulged and his eyes popped as he yelled this several times. It unnerved me. The thing is, he began his tirade as I was walking to my car. I hadn't even reached it yet and he was already screaming at me. I thought he was yelling at someone else at first. After all, he was a stranger, at least to me. When he drove by my car, as I was buckling my seatbelt, he looked right at me and screamed his profanities again. It was then I began to wonder how he knew that that was my car, with its "W" sticker, before I had even reached it? Someone suggested he saw me getting out of my car and waited for me. That unnerved me even more. I removed the sticker for fear someone would next vandalize my car.

    And so it begins... I wonder how many others have similar experiences?

  2. A car in my neighborhood had an "Obama '08" bumper sticker on it. My blood pressure always ticked up a notch when I'd see the car parked in the driveway.

    A couple of weeks ago I noticed the sticker had been scraped off. Hopefully, the car owner was motivated by a case of "voter remorse".

  3. I have a sign posted in the back window in my car: Vote the 535 in and out on a regular basis. No vandalizing, lots of thumbs up, friendly beeps and notes left under the windshield in agreement.

  4. As Kitty's post above illustrates, the reason the Left is so pro-gun control is that they think everyone is like them. That is, they can't control their anger.

  5. I've never had a sticker on my car before (as mentioned, I was afraid to put on a McCain sticker) but my wife & I both have Dennis Prager's "The Bigger the Government, the Smaller the Citizen" stickers on our cars now. Simply can't NOT say anything at this point.

  6. In the Washington DC metro area, Obama bumper stickers are rapidly disappearing. On my daily drive to work, I now rarely see more than one or two.

  7. Funny, but it reminds me of the old Soviet era propaganda posters. The most interesting comment at the link:

    "In the wording ("we'll give") there is no room for error as far as what WE are doing. The question is are you one of us and are you slacking off while your comrades work so hard?"

  8. The real test will be in 2012 and years beyond. I still see McCain/Palin stickers on cars. Heck, I still see Bush/Cheney stickers on cars. I wonder how many morons will be willing to advertise their political moronity by keeping their Obama/Biden stickers on their cars after 2012.

  9. I've had the LOL! sticker (where the letter O is the Obama logo) on my car since not long after his inauguration. It gets so much positive attention that if I had 100 of them I would have sold them all.

    I do live in very red north Florida though.

  10. Lastest from Michigan:

    Jesus Saves
    Obama Spends

  11. I have a license plate frame that says
    "Who is John Galt?" i think it is lost on most, but I get a few thumbs up.

  12. Most of your readers get the message. But a good many folks I encounter still believe that it is their moral obligation to work harder to give more money to Obama.

    Fewer than a couple of months ago though.The Obama 08 stickers are getting harder to find.

  13. You know, the best thing about Obama's "Cash for Clunkers" program is that it got about 95% of the Obama stickers off the road.

  14. I have a sticker on my car that says I'll keep my guns, freedom & money ... You can keep the change!
    I always park next the cars that have the obama 08 stickers - it is so much fun to see there faces :)

  15. Kitty, Kitty, Kitty.... if you took the bumpersticker off of your car, the terrorists won!

    Only slightly tongue in cheek there -- he meant to intimidate you and it worked.

    Oh, there are many other bumperstickers you should look into to replace it. Oh yes. Yes there are.

    Me, I do have a one bumpersticker at a time rule, because I refuse to have my car looking like the "liberal" billboard butts I see around this college town every day.

    I encourage you to go find another that expresses your thoughts. Doesn't have to be a "W".

    I feel it's my duty to let people know that liberals aren't the only ones out there with an opinion.

  16. Think I am going to make up some bumper stickers that say:

    "STILL clinging to my Guns and Religion"

  17. @philmon: You beat me to that comment by a couple hours; that's exactly what I thought when I read Kitty's post.

  18. Here's the little sticker that enraged that stranger. I took that pic in 2005; it had faded quite a bit since then. In its place, I've put an American flag sticker. I have an NRA sticker in the opposite window.

    I didn't want to remove it, but I can't afford car repairs, either.