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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Joe Biden's Prediction About To Come True

Remember Joe Biden's comment that hostile forces would test Obama in his first six months?

Well, whatever tests have come before, the big test is about to take place, as Russia, Iran and Turkey are uniting to break American influence in the greater Middle East and Central Asia using the excuse of the Gaza blockade:

Leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran convened at a security summit meeting in Istanbul on Tuesday in a display of regional power that appeared to be calculated to test the United States just days before a scheduled American-backed debate in the United Nations Security Council on imposing tighter sanctions over Iran’s nuclear program.
But the diplomacy hides the real menace, which is Iran's entry into the Gaza fray openly by sending ships to break the blockade. The first Iranian ship is scheduled to arrive in days. Israel has vowed not to allow any Iranian ships to approach Gaza.

The Iranian game is clear:

As Iran’s leadership prepares to dispatch a Red Crescent flotilla to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza, its propaganda organs are spreading one message throughout the Muslim world: the Jewish state, branded by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as “the Zionist stain of shame”, is heading for its inevitable destruction.

An Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said of these aid ships that “if this symbolic campaign continues, it will result in the surrender of the Zionist regime, which will certainly be one of its biggest defeats”....

Believing that its potential adversaries are weak and indecisive, the Khomeinist regime appears determined to push the region to the edge of war and, perhaps, beyond.

If the Iranians approach Gaza, and Turkey joins its new ally in provoking a shooting match with Israel, this President will be tested as never before.

Erdogan is on the verge of overplaying his hand. He has stoked tension for his political benefit, but by bringing the Iranians into the fight he has gone too far. Turkey risks isolating itself from the West, as even the Europeans cannot stomach a flotilla escorted by Iran; Turkey also will strain its relations with more moderate Arab nations who view Iran as an even greater threat than Israel.

In the next couple of weeks, we may know what the future of the Middle East will look like, as well as the future of the Obama presidency.

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  1. You are absolutely right about the Russians, Iranians and Turkey (I am not at all sure Turkey is not playing both sides).

    However, Iran did include Russians in its warning to the US about their failure to endorse the agreement reached in Tehran brokered by Brazil that had to do with fuel swaps.

    See my post on this: Iran Hardens Its Position on Nukes.

    There will be war and our men in Afhanistan and in Iraq will be at risk; we at home may expect some attacks on this soil and on our interests around the world because it has been Iran's policy to hit us in multiple venues using allies globally.

    Accually, my full name is SamHenry de Cassandra

  2. Hope it doesn't interfer with a party or vacation. That would be a shame.

  3. It's gonna go off and it's gonna be ugly.

  4. I believe Erdogan needs escalation with Israel in order to take complete control over Turkey. Don't forget that his party is in the process of setting up a referendum that would allow him to pack the Turkish Supreme Court with his supporters and completely eliminate any legal defense of secularism in Turkey. What we see today is the rise of an Islamic Hugo Chavez.

    Check out my article on this topic:

  5. Since Obama completely abandoned Bush's Middle East policy to side with our enemies against our allies, this is one area where he can't blame Bush for his problems.

    What is the exact date that Obama becomes president anyway? Wasn't the moment Bush stepped down?

  6. It is almost like a big game of poker is being played, and Obama tipped his hand prematurely. As he likes to say "the time for talking" may be over for him, and it looks like the mess he's made stands a good chance of being cleaned up by others.

    I think an inept handling of foreign policy leading to another war (or two NK/SK) should be a third strike (economy and gulf disaster being the other two)

    Watched Brit Hume last night explain how Obama has let his ideology interfer with addressing the problems that need attention (going after health care when it was down low on everybody's list), and that he believes Obama is a few months away from a failed presidency.

    Things happen fast, and he doesn't seem up to responding adequately. He knee jerked on the economy and health care acting rash, and has dilly dallied on the gulf. He's been fairly non existent in forging alliances, and it may be too late now also.

    Seems like he's a big talker and partier.

  7. it seems to me that Hillary clinton's prediction seems to have come true, too. its 3 am. there is a problem somewhere in the world. specifically the gulf of mexico. an oil rig blew up. Obama rolls over and goes back to sleep.

  8. (sorry, I'm in Brazil, a bit out of touch) Hume said that Zero is a "few months away from a failed presidency"? Really, Hume said that?

    I thought he was more perceptive than that. He's about 12 months INTO a "failed presidency" by most accounts and polls.

  9. Israel better be prepared to sink ships this time. Showing weakness against Iran will be catastrophic.

  10. I don't think Israel will show any weakness. If the Iranian ships refuse to cooperate they face being sunk. If the Turkish navy interferes they face the same.

  11. Turkey is a NATO member. Are we obligated? This WILL drag us in at some point. Will The Chosen One stand with Israel? Or stand down?

  12. You are all kidding yourselves. Test or no test, Obama won't even respond to it other than to throw another extremely expensive taxpayer-funded White House party that would make Marie Antoinette envious.

  13. I don't think The One has the ability to think through the situation. What will occur is a second or third flotilla will be sent. The situation with escalate. Israel will ask for US back up behind closed doors. The One will hesitate. Israel will be forced to respond with a show of force. The Arab states will unite along side Iran and begin the saber rattling. The One will get bold. He will ask for formation of a committee to analyse the situation. A period of false war will be entered into. Iran will make increasing threats. Without firm commentment from the US, Israel will be forced to take preemptive action. That will take the form of a very distructive strike at Iran's ability to deloy weapons of mass distruction. Likely nuclear. Russia will be forced to take action. They will either broker a peace favorable to them or assist in a general attack on Israel. Obama's committee will sit and comtemplate the situation. The One will go on TV and threaten to kick someone's ass, depending on who the committee choses. A general conflict will erupt in the Mid East and with Russian help, the State of Israel will end. Or, Israel will return to the state of 1967 and kick ass. Whoever wins, Obama will immediately go to the area and bow to them and offer one trillion dollars in assistance from the US.

  14. david7134 - You mean Obama will bow, and offer one trillion of China's money, that our children are "supposed" to pay back...

  15. Here is my post about this. The left really doesn't get the baser instincts humans have about wanting to survive. They haven no idea the fire they are playing with here.


    They abandon Israel they will be condemning millions to a fiery death. Israel will not be destroyed without taking a million or more with her.