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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Can Israel Survive A Second Obama Term?

This past week has seen the coming together of the growing Islamist-Leftist Coalition in the war against Israel.

Leftists who, among other things, claim to believe in freedom of speech, women's rights and equality for gays, are in political bed with people who would cut their throats for blasphemy, revel in abhorrent misogyny, and execute gays.

The Leftists do not see the sick irony, and the Islamists are happy for the help from these Useful Idiots.

This Islamist-Leftist Coalition is emboldened as never before. People like Greta Berlin, who previously found it sufficient to shout down speakers on U.S. campuses, now find it possible with the help of the Islamists to mount large-scale provocative flotillas. The global Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement against Israel has left-wing academics and students as its foot soldiers, and left-wing bloggers fight the information war against Israel.

The Leftists may feel they are bringing needed supplies to Gaza, but the Islamists understand that the bigger game is to allow Iran inspection-free shipping of weapons to Hamas. No wonder the Iranians are eager to get involved in supporting the next flotilla.

It need not have to come to this.

While the currently fashionable argument is that that unyielding support for Israel is disloyal to the United States ("Israel-Firsters" in their words), in fact this unyielding support has kept the peace between Israel and its three major bordering nations by tamping down any hope that Israel could be destroyed.

This peace through the strength of the U.S.-Israel alliance was in the United States' interest. By keeping nation states out of the fight against Israel we advanced our own interests.

While wars in the past years have been fought between Israel and proxy groups such as the PLO and Hezbollah in dysfunctional Lebanon, and Hamas in Gaza, for the first time in almost 40 years we are facing the potential of a war between nations in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Is there anyone who would be surprised to see a regional war?

Except this time it will be more widespread, involving not just Arab countries such as Syria, but also Iran and possibly Turkey. It seems highly unlikely that Egypt and Jordan would join such fight at the outset, but if Israel were so badly damaged that it became vulnerable, would these countries honor their peace treaties, or deliver the coup de grâce?

Will Israel find itself in the same position in which it found itself in 1973, where its very existence depended upon the President of the United States ordering a military resupply?

Caroline Glick (h/t Israel Matzav) astutely observes the destabilizing effects of Obama's foreign policy:

As for the US, in the year and a half since Obama took office he has fundamentally restructured US foreign policy in a manner that rewards US enemies at the expense of US allies....

Israel of course is the US's most threatened ally. And Obama's treatment of Israel has been uniquely shabby--and dangerous.... By seeking to appease Iran and Syria for their aggressive behavior and by courting an ever more radical Turkish regime, Obama has humiliated Egypt and Jordan that signed peace treaties with Israel. In so doing, he has convinced the Arabs that the only way to retain and expand their power is by attacking Israel.

Obama administration oratory and actions have rekindled hope for the destruction of Israel, and thereby unleashed the beast.

The damage done so far may not be irreparable, but we are on an incredibly destructive trajectory.

I really wonder whether Israel can survive a second Obama term.

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  1. I wonder if Israel can survive the first (and, I imagine, only) term. Hopefully, we can take back Congress this year. If need be, Congress has the power to declare war even though it hasn't done so without executive approval/urging, and if it comes to defending our ally, that is what we must do. I stand with Israel.

    And I would hope that the new Congress (big "if") will look into connections between this WH and the funding of the terrorists who organized this flotilla. It's no accident that BO has taken the stance he has, he may be an idiot, but his military advisers are not. He knew what he was doing, and he knew what it would do to the stability of the world, to world peace. He's an ideologue. A little "ethnic cleansing" wouldn't bother him one bit on the road to his socially just new international order.

  2. Second term?! Hahahahahaha

    I'd be shocked if he isn't in jail for Treason by then.

  3. There is no doubt that war is on the horizon. But as I have said before, I truly think this is what the Obama administration wanted. They want a highly cowed Israel or a destroyed one. It would fit into their narrative. The question becomes how do the Jews in that administration sleep at night knowing that they will be responsible for the deaths of more Jews than anyone since the Holocaust(we all know how the rest of that adminsitration sleeps, with dancing shoes on)? And Emanuel had the nerve to cry at the Kotel. Wonder whose soul he was crying for.

  4. Israel?

    Heck, I wonder if the United States can survive a second Soetoro term!

  5. As tough as it would be, I have no doubt Israel would survive an Obama second term. Aside from my belief that G0d is in charge, I also believe that if forced to go it alone, they will and they are strong enough to vanquish any of the Arab armies - even combined.

    In addition, while Obama may hate Israel, the majority of Congress and the entire country are on her side.

  6. Barely. All depends on what he does in security council. He he votes the party line like the rest of the jackels....then no.

  7. Hopefully the military we have stationed in the middle east take it upon themselves to defend Israel without the blessings of the Mudduck in the White House.

  8. Any time a country such as the US shows weakness, then it results in war. Obama has demonstrated that he has little concept of strength. This has upset the delicate balance of powers and will result in a conflict. Hopefully it will not be global. As to confidence in Israel, I think that is missed placed. They are not the same country as in the 1960's and have become weaker as a result of bowing to international expectations.

    The main question is whether the US can survive Obama and the liberals. I think not.

  9. What scares me is this question: which of the following cities will be glowing mounds of glass before the end of a second Barry term:

    a. Damascus
    b. Tehran
    c. Ankara
    d. Washington D.C.
    e. Tel Aviv
    f. a.b. and c.

    We live in interesting times.

  10. This administration doesn't seem to be able to conceive of offering genuine support to any person or any state, foreign or domestic. Former staunch allies, states like Arizona that don't fall into line, no-longer useful idiots, anyone not registered as a Democrat, even innocent wildlife quietly suffocating in the Gulf--everyone and everything is expendable to them.

  11. If the Republicans take control of either the Senate or the House it will then be more difficult for the big BO to hide his support for the Jew hating Islamist/Left alliance.

    Israel will survive no matter what the scenario. If there is even a non-global regional war oil production out of the Middle East will stop which will cause agricultural production to significantly drop worldwide which will cause mass starvation. But what does the Islamist/Left alliance care, it loves to kill. It wants to fertilize the creation of the new man with the blood of millions.

  12. The true question should be: can the world survive the Presidency of Barack Obama?

    Since this man has been President the free world has become less safe. What we have seen is the enboldening of the enemies of the West: Russia, Iran, Syria have become bolder. The same is true with regard to North Korea who has seen fit to torpedo the ship belonging to South Korea. This would never have happened under a stronger POTUS.

    The displays of bowing which are signs of subserviance and weakness that has been endured as this narcissist has strutted around the world like a peacock with feathers on display, is quite obvious to those who understand body language. These displays have sent signals to the enemy that it is ok for them to rearm in preparation of renewed conflict.

    There has never been a more dangerous time in my own lifetime than right now...

    I continue to pray that he will not last the first term... he is so utterly corrupt.

  13. NO! I have just done a post on how Obama has neutralized the US position and made us less than an honest broker as Iranian aid ships and a hospital ship head for Gaza possibly escorted by the elite Guard.

    1. He signed the UN resolution making the Middle East a Nuclear free zone.
    2. He insists the President of Turkey be involved in the negotiations to end the blockade and Turkey has called back its ambassador.
    3. We have troops exposed in Iraq and Afghanistan and all the subs and battle ship groups in the world cannot adequately protect them and help Israel.
    My post is headed "Iran Takes Leadership Role...etc.

  14. Two words:
    "Jimmah Carter"

    Be of good cheer and organize early.

  15. Obama's anti-semitic colours are starting to show. Upon becoming president, he goes on an arab arse kissing tour, but fails to visit our closest ally.

  16. I wonder if my liberal friends see me as someone just like a muslim or palestinian, or any other political/religious affiliation, in that we disagree, sometimes strongly, but do live peaceful, co existent lives. Is the world one big United States, where 60's hippies are still trying to buy the world a coke?

  17. The premise of your post is based on the assumption that the United States survives a first term of B Hussein Obama...if we get past that challenge then we can look and see how many other free nations he will doom in the near future.

  18. Does wishing and signing papers for a 'Nuke Free' Middle East make it so?

    So it's the nation on stage, backed against the wall, going rogue by the COMPLETE CHOICE of the world wide audience, that has to just light up the enemy from here to Kingdom come.

    There will be some hand slapping and tears but the new world order will last us another 60 years or so of peace and tolerance.

    The leftists, socialists and communist parishioners at the altars of their own interests and regimes cannot save themselves or anyone else, they're too busy grabbing all the money and power for themselves to be interested in anyone else and they'll go down, like they periodically do.

    This next fight has been nuclear from the start. Good vs. Evil

  19. Regime change - attempt #2

    After the first time that the Obama admin flipped out on Bibi (ie. the Ramat Shlomo zoning announcement), some trial balloons went out claiming that Obama's real goal was getting a change of the Israeli government (Might have been Jeffrey Goldberg at the Atlantic). Right after that was a weird, cooked, and soon debunked Haaretz poll claiming that most Israelis thought Obama was sympathetic to their interests.

    It's that strange atmosphere that has returned now. Even though the IHH has apparently distributed pictures of bloodied and bound IDF soldiers, the MSM seems to still be calling these people "peace activists". It doesn't make sense that this can still be a major international incident (with calls for a UN investigation etc.) when it is so clear that the dead were part of a known extremist group and that they attacked and subdued lightly-armed soldiers.

    Previously Obama tried to rally the Europeans and UN against Bibi for the Jlem building freeze. So it doesn't seem like such a stretch that this international flipout on Bibi is a slightly more subtle attempt to prod Israelis into wanting to swap him for Tzipi Livni. If this is correct, we can expect to see more of this extreme (and unjustified) criticism of him on an ongoing basis.