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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Icon Dies

One of those photos which expressed so much more than was in the photo, and entered our consciousness. And on a day when we still are contemplating how to win the war against the forces of evil.

Nurse being kissed in iconic wartime picture dies, aged 91:

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  1. was that photo in Sydney or in USA?

  2. New York Times Square! Plus, the nurse came forward and identified herself to the photographer in the 1970's...but the sailor is unknown and never did come forward....married? :-)

  3. Thanks for the info... because I have been to Times Square and there is no evidence of any tram line :(

    Actually, that is also true about Sydney... at that time trams were running in Sydney, but no longer.

    Only Melbourne continues to have trams in the centre of the road.

    BTW the kiss was just one of those moments. It could be that the sailor is dead... or it could be like you suggested he was married at the time.... it is not important because it was a kiss in a very public place and certainly not a result of an illicit affair. I give him a pass on that score....