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Friday, June 11, 2010

How Pretty Israel Is - The Video

I originally saw this video linked a while ago at Israellycool.

Now that it has gone viral (over 750,000 YouTube views as of this writing), with further links by Jeffrey Goldberg and an explanation of what it all means at The NY Review of Books (slow book day, I guess), I am legally obligated, as a card carrying member of numerous conspiracies, to post it.

Here are the money lines:

How pretty Israel is!

Israel, Israel

In your lands one day I’ll dance.

The singers apparently are big time in the Andes region of South America, La Tigresa del Oriente (The Tigress of the East), Little Wendy Sulca, and Delfín Hasta el Fin.


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  1. I enjoyed the part where she was in the boat with the monkeys rocking out in the background.

    God certainly has the best sense of humor. You won't find many Liberal Jews belting out this tune right now.

  2. WOW! I really did enjoy this video, WOW!

  3. You've heard nothing until you hear swedish heavy metal group sing about the Six Day War http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YGB-378V74

  4. If there is any doubt about the meaining: It starts with people talking about their feelings about israel: "Israel makes me sad," "War, chaos," "It makes me afraid [to think about] explosives in the street," "People are resigned..."

    Then Delfín screams, "No puede ser!" It shouldn't be like that...

    "Walking around Israel a sweetheart I will find..."

    "...if you could only see this place, these people, these flavors..."

    Love it.

    PS. And where did they find the camels?