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Monday, June 14, 2010

9/11 Was "Right-Wing Christmas"

Requires no further comment, Obama Descecrates Right-Wing Christmas:

Really, Mr. President, don't you know that right-wingers love 9/11, and hold it sacred? It's their favorite day of the year, their favorite day in living history; every year, 9/11 fills them with the unsurpassable bliss of self-righteousness. It's a day that provided so many grievance points to them (and, as far as they're concerned, to them alone, although those of us who, y'know, lived where the attacks took place might beg to differ) that they know they can't possibly ever run out.

Right-wingers love 9/11 because it's a day when they felt they became extraordinarily virtuous just for slathering their homes with flags, their vehicles with "Terrorist Hunting License" bumper stickers, their homepages with sentimental video of property destruction in a city they otherwise despise. They use 9/11 to justify hatred of Muslims, liberals -- even Mexicans.

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  1. Didn't the president declare 9/11 to be the day we honor community organizers, or some such fluff and nonsense?

  2. This is a perfect example of the sickness that has infected politics, where if one side says up, the other side says down.

    btw, can we question the author's patriotism?

  3. I have great fear for our country.

  4. Wow, I always thought that silly movie American Carroll was nothing more than a silly satire - I'm not so sure anymore.

  5. Who even takes this man seriously anymore? Let him keep exposing himself for what he is. People with eyes will see.

  6. This writer is amazing! He can read the minds of millions of his fellow citizens! Chicks must really dig a guy like that.

  7. The actual post is even stupider than is obvious from the part quoted. i wrote over there:

    > Oh, and your hyperpartisan a-- is showing in another respect.

    > Conservatives aren't mad at Obama for comparing it to 9-11. i have yet to hear of a single republican, conservative or even libertarian complain about that.

    > In fact, they were doing the exact same thing recently. Bush paused for a few minutes when he learned the second plane had struck. Obama waited over 30 days to get his thumb out of his kiester. And Bush had a coalition of multiple countries in iraq and afghanistan. Meanwhile, the dutch offer to help us actually clean the spill up and obama turns them away.

    > Of course there are significant differences. As far as we know, no one intentionally blew up the well. And mainly it is causing economic and environmental damage, but aside from that first explosion, i don't even think it actually harmed a human being. And whereas Bush rose to his occassion, Obama is showing us exactly why a president should have at least a little executive experience before ascending to the job.

    > But hey, Obama is swinging into action. Just today we learn that he is going to force BP... to create an account to compensate the victims.

    And of course that was talking about your post the other day, William. Now back to me giving the other blogger a schooling...

    > 9-11, and this oil spill, teaches us that cleaning up after the fact is good, but stopping it, or at least containing it at an early stage, is even better. then you have less victims to compensate.

    >Btw, let's all remember this when Obama talks about destroying the entire economy for "the good of the environment." If he cared about the environment, he would have contained the spill within a week.