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Monday, June 14, 2010

I Dare You To Wear This Button Now

The button.

An artifact from a bygone era.

When trills and tingles ran up legs.

When the rise of the oceans began to slow.

And our planet to heal.

Now, even MoDo refuses to wear the button.

Because now, cool is just annoying.

Update: Daniel Hannon now refuses to wear the button.

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  1. I've noticed that the glow is fading in the eyes of the devoted ones, like MoDo. Did they stop drinking the Kool-Aid, did it stop being effective, are they immune now to its drug-like effect? Or are they just seeing reality for the first time?

    Too bad they didn't see this coming, as so many of us did in 2008. Hopefully as this election year progresses, they will fight the temptation to support more leftists.

  2. OK...I have a question. I know a lot of people are having "buyers remorse" about BHO. What about the opposite idea? How many people out there who did not support/vote for him in the 2008 election have come around and are enthusiastically in favor of his policies, programs and performance? Anyone out there?

  3. Ask this same question in November. Or in a year. The MSM is leaving the Obama bus through the emergency exits, and without their cover, Obama has no possible chance to survive in the political jungle.

  4. MoDo has had other columns critical of Obama. I remember her references to him as Spock just a few months after his inauguration, if not earlier.

    But I can't recall the New York Times editorial board being as critical of Obama as they were in yesterday's paper. It will be interesting to see if yesterday's shift in tone means they are digging in to "go Bush" on him, or if it was a warning shot that if he doesn't get his act together soon, they are prepared to "go Full Metal Bush" on him.

  5. I read the New York Times editorial that was slightly critical of Obama. The content in the editorial was still somewhat favorable to him and some of his actions. What was really troubling, were the comments from the people in the Northeast. They still don't seem to get it and support much of what he does. As best I can tell they do not seem to be able to link his actions to subsequent future events that will definitely unfold. They also don't seem to understand that we are broke.

  6. More LEFTISTS?!? Are you insane? Obama is no leftist. The problem is that he's following too many of the programs started under George W. Bush!