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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gaza Flotilla Organizer Puts Lie To "Humanitarian" Purpose

Adam Shapiro, one of the organizers of flotillas to break the sea blockade of Gaza in 2009 and again in 2010, was interviewed on PBS. In the interview, Shapiro made clear that the primary purpose of the flotilla was political.

Only upon prompting by Gwen Ifill did Shapiro even mention a supposed humanitarian purpose:

Shapiro was right to the extent that he recognizes the blockade as political, and the flotilla's purpose primarily as political. The shipping of humanitarian supplies merely was the excuse and the tactic.

Much like the internationalists who have aligned themselves with Islamists on the West Bank to protest the barrier built by Israel to stop suicide bombers, the goal is the destruction of Israel.

Whatever it takes they will do, and it if means putting civilians in harms way to gain publicity and international condemnation of Israel, they will do that.

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  1. It's all political, even those with true humanitarian intent.(How much blockade running gets done in Darfur?) The sad thing is the likes of the JStreet fools and leftwing Jewish-morons like the Beinarts of the world who buy into this crap.

  2. Doesn't Shapiro have a long history of poking Israel with a sharp stick? Isn't he married to a Pali woman? I don't want to google him to find out. (Isn't he Jewish? Will someone please revoke his Bar Mitzvah?)

  3. With a hat tip to Legalinsurrection, I have just completed a post that takes up the issue of essentially political organizations such as the Flotilla Freedom Coalition dealing with Nation States. For a nation such as Turkey, the protocols these organizations follow are not always clear or consistent and where will that leave them in the middle of a crisis? As for the organization, it could be used by the nation state in ways it cannot know or understand. Either way, it is a dangerous game of brinkmanship at a time when things are delicate and in need of professionals in the mix not "volunteers" no matter how experienced and talented. Shapiro himself often contradicts himself when talking about goals, etc.

  4. It looks like the next "peace vessel" is the....wait for it....MV Rachel Corrie. You just cannot make this stuff up. IFF chooses the name of one of the more pathetic useful idiots for Pali aggression as the name for another of their "peace" vessels.


  5. Robin, Shapiro is a Brooklyn born Jew who believes in the separation of the religion from a consideration of it as an ethnic group. He does not practice. His wife is a Palestinian American. They met at seeds of peace in 2001 or so. Seeds is a really great group but Shapiro is not as great.

  6. I'm brooklyn born and I can tell from a certainty that Mr.Shapiro, has no Brooklyn accent, but a very subtle underlay of a slavic intonation. If he's a KGB type agent, for or against Israel, he's certainly worth his weight in gefilte fish. jojo