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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Eliot Spitzer Pwns Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald is venomous in his attacks on Israel. Greenwald calls supporters of Israel, including Rep. Anthony Weiner, "Israel-firsters," an obscene charge of disloyalty.

Anyone who disagrees with Greenwald on whether the flotilla actually had a humanitarian intent, or whether Israel had a right under international law to board the ships, is called a "propagandist."

Fortunately, Eliot Spitzer (yes, him) completely pwned Greenwald on MSNBC, making Greenwald look like the one-sided, emotionally-disabled fool that he is when it comes to Israel. With more guests like Greenwald, Spitzer should have no problem mounting a comeback.

For reasons which can only be explained by pure ego and inability to look at himself as anything other than brilliant, Greenwald embedded the video in one of his blog posts. Here is how he described an international law expert:
[B]efore I was on, Spitzer had on an Israel-defending law professor, followed by Netanyahu's former Chief of Staff, and both of them (along with Spitzer) were spewing pure Israeli propaganda in uninterrupted and unchallenged fashion.
Oh yeah, then Greenwald set everybody straight. Except he didn't.

Here's the video, first the International Law "propagandist," then the Israeli "propagandist," then Greenwald. You be the judge:

[Added: The MSNBC embeds sometimes redirect you to the Today Show. Here are the direct links in case you have this problem, the International Law expert, the former Israeli official, and Greenwald.]

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Update: It is fitting that a willing pawn in the generations-old war against Israel turns out to be the real propagandist. Here is a report on the situation yesterday from a Danish journalist in Gaza, Danish report from Gaza: "Where's the humanitarian crisis?" (h/t CAMERA):

This time, I had expected to see real suffering, because with all the fuss in recent days about bringing tons of humanitarian relief in - so much that people actually sacrificed their lives for it - there certainly had to really be a deep, desperate situation in the Gaza Strip. No food. Long queues in front of UN food stocks. Hungry children with food bowls.

But this was not the picture that greeted me.

When I yesterday morning drove through Gaza City, I was immediately surprised that there are almost as many traffic jams as there always has been. Is there not a shortage of fuel? Apparently not. Gasoline is not even rationed....

I will not say whether, in better times has been a larger product range than there was yesterday. But there was certainly no shortage of vegetables, fruits or any other ordinary, basic foods. Tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, watermelons, potatoes - mountains of these items in the many stalls.

The Danish reporter recounts a conversation with a Gaza woman (with photo) who complained about shortages of food, as she was standing among stalls in the market filled with food:

And the first woman we interviewed in the market confirms this strange, contradictory, negative mindset:

"We have nothing," she said. We need everything! Food, drinks ... everything! "It disturbed her not at least that she stood between the mountains of vegetables, fruit, eggs, poultry and fish, while she spun this doomsday scenario.

There really is nothing new about this. The history of Paliwood and fauxtography (in which even the mainstream media is complicit) is well-rooted and highly developed, as is the constant exaggeration of Palestinian victimhood (remember the "several hundred" civilians killed in Jenin).

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  1. It's all so unfair!

    On video GG can't use his sock-puppets!!

  2. So you were the viewer who was watching MSNBC. That explains their ratings spike.

  3. The videos speak for themselves.

  4. Let us remember what Hamas advocates:

    Hamas wants the destruction of Israel and the enslavement of all residents under a totalitarian Islamic dictatorship that enforces the strict rules of sharia. These rules include death for homosexuals, death for sex outside of marriage, death-by-stoning for unmarried women seen alone with males, death-by-honor-killing for any woman whose conduct is deemed to have "dishonored" any males members of her family, public lashings and stoning for those who break sharia rules prohibiting listening to music, watching television, reading unauthorized books, failing to pray at the proper times and places, failing to keep facial hair at prescribed lengths, failing of women to completely cover their bodies, failing of women to obtain male permission to be seen in public, women driving automobiles, etc.

    Such is what Hama wants: a society of completely rightless creatures living under the absolute tyranny of 6th-century religious barbarians. And Hamas has made it clear that it will slaughter as many people as necessary to achieve this goal.

    Anyone who actively and willingly aids and abets such people becomes an accessory to an on-going massive violation of individual rights by an organization seeking to eliminate all such rights. No such accessory may thereafter claim any rights of their own. When you deliberately throw in with -- and help -- savagely murderous monsters, you have absolutely no right to demand anything of your fellow man. Your fellow man at that point is fully justified in intercepting you anywhere on the planet and exterminating you on the spot.

    Such is the moral status of the people on board these “relief” vessels.

  5. GG is the only guy I know whose caricature looks exactly like the subject.

  6. This isn't hard at all. You just have to understand the rules. Anything done to defend or (heaven forbid) promote western civilization is a violation of international law, and a crime against humanity. Anything done to destroy western civilization is a justifiable response to oppression and inequality.

    Once you accept these initial premises, the logic of Greenmold's argument is indisputable.

  7. Don't blame Greenwald. He speaks and writes way too fast to be able to think things through.

  8. Greenwald doesn't condemn Hamas for launching rockets into Israeli civillian neighborhoods, and suicide bombers before that, but he does condemn Israel for seaching ships in hopes of preventing Hamas from re-arming itself.

    I don't understand all these American leftist Jews, many who are influential pundits and opinion shapers, who are determined to loudly denounce Israel for trying to protect its citizens while casting a blind eye to the atrocities committed by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic extremists.

    He's one twisted ideologue.

  9. poor Glenn, he's still pissed off his milk money was stolen and he didn't have a date for prom.

  10. is it wrong to characterized Spitzer's victory as "Pimp slapping" Greenwald?

    Yeah probably, but it makes me smile.

  11. So asking rhetorical moral questions (e.g. "doesn't Israel have a right to protect itself" and variants) in anticipation of and in response to a legal argument is "completely pwned"?

    You teach law for a living? How pathetic. I feel bad for your students.

  12. Um, I just watched the video, Greenwald won. Spitzer should have taken some courses from the international law faculty while at Harvard.