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Friday, October 22, 2010

Worst and Not Worst Predictions About NPR

Worst, Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist, as reported on September 30, 2010:
NPR Will Be the Dominant News Force By 2020
Not Worst, William Jacobson, founder of Legal Insurrection Blog, as reported on October 1, 2010:
I'm Willing To Bet This Will Not Come True
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  1. The left just doesn't get it. They view themselves as the saviors of mankind when mankind is happy to save themselves. We do not want their slavery and their adherence to political correctness. We want a system that really works and where the politicians and news media are actually held accountable for their own malfeasance and their own bigotry.

  2. Conservative talk radio is only influential in conjunction with conservative blogs, twitter, etc.

    Liberal talk radio has failed to attract an audience large enough to attract advertisers.

    And NPR has a membership model, but one that requires government assistance to get by.

    Even if the government assistance is only 1%, that means that without the government support, it would fail.

  3. I believe Mr. Williams' firing had everything to do with Mr. Soros. Take a look at this hit piece from Media Matters from February 2009 http://mediamatters.org/mmtv/200902130007. It's the blueprint for firing Mr. Williams. As soon as Mr. Soros bought NPR, his plan was executed.

    NPR is now NSR: National Soros Radio. It will wither and die because its new bedfellow, Mr. Soros, stripped it of its tiny fig leaf of independence. Let's see how long Ms. Schiller enjoys her shiny new knee pads.

  4. The next congress will defund NPR and it's stations.
    That will effectively kill it as it currently exists. NPR and its stations will have to go private and run ads if they wants to survive or they will fold. PBS is right behind them as well.

    A real question for the next congress is whether or not the political moment of truth has come to revisit the universe of non-profit and tax exempt entities and will it curtail what is allowable to exist as a tax exempt entity. NPR just might be the poster child for this debate, why should an entity that provides a service that can also be done by a for profit be exempt from taxation?

    Considering the charitable, non-profit area is nearly 10% of the economy that is simply too large a portion of the economy to be exempt from taxation especially while the rest of the economy is subject to ever higher levels of taxation. Since the government is going to have to start austerity measures soon enough and it will have to raise revenues as well NPR's foolishness may well allow what was previously unthinkable to be thinkable.