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Friday, October 29, 2010

Finally, Jon Ralston Stars In Harry Reid Commercial

Nevada reporter Jon Ralston, who accused me of being a "disgrace to [his] alma mater" because I pointed out his pro-Harry Reid tilt, finally has made the big time by starring [at 0:14] in Harry Reid's most outlandish commercial yet (as to which even Greg Sargent expresses amazement):

It's just coincidence, of course, because to suggest otherwise would be crazy.

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  1. So, which one is he?! Not that it really matters....in the tank for Harry makes him irrelevant and unhinged.

  2. Harry Reid's TV Ads:   "Pathological".
    I love "scare quotes".

  3. I'll bet she wouldn't vote to quadruple the national debt. That's what I consider pathological.

    You don't waltz into town and vow to "fundamentally transform this nation" without having delusions of grandeur. That's a whole lot more pathological than anything Sharon Angle has said or done, and for those who helped him pass that agenda, it's not only pathological, it's extremely stupid. They've obviously been that way for a long time, but were held in check by Republicans. Pathological too are the "progressive" media who are, if anything, more pretentious and arrogant than the mediocre talent they seem to adore.

    Now we know what they'll act like if they ever get power again we should be as afraid as poor Paul Krugman is of conservatives in his paranoia-filled rant in today's NYTimes.

  4. I have been rewinding this tape again and again to catch the picture spliced in after "Pathological" in black @ 28 secs. Does anybody else see this?

  5. @Robert - I see what you are talking about, but I can't catch it with my eyes, and the splice is so brief that I can't get the video to pause.....subliminal message?! Someone with better tech equipment will hopefully find out.....

    Good eye!

  6. Harry Reid, UNEMPLOYED. Best answer for this disgraceful ad.

  7. Captured the image.


  8. that image is the size of the steaming brown loaf he'll be eating tomorrow