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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Inevitable: Damn Those Homophobic Anti-Pot Bigots

Those anti-pot folks are really just anti-gay bigots anyway, via AlterNet:

"Predictably, the anti-pot forces have brought everything they have — mostly hyperbole, in other words — to the battle. To hear them tell it, California’s very future is at stake, and not only that but perhaps the fate of civilization as well. It’d be a lot easier to smile about it if these folks weren’t completely serious — as serious as they were a couple years ago in their successful campaign to make Prop 8 the law of the land in California, banning gay marriages.

And yes, one of the biggest anti-Prop 19 groups has pretty much the same people as ran one of the pro-Prop 8 groups that stunk up the election last time with their innuendoes, anti-gay bias and snidely ignorant talking points. This time pot’s the demon, instead of gay couples."
I know just what this calls for:
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  1. "I know just what this calls for:"


  2. It calls for mass quantities of carbohydracious materials...

  3. Wait, so is he saying the Mormons and Catholics are at it again?

  4. What? No google earth contributor hate map this time? I made a contribution for Yes on 8, but they fingered my neighbor's house.