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Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's Official, Sharron Angle Whooped Harry Reid

Via David Corn of The Nation regarding the Reid-Angle debate:

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  1. What a tremendous showing by Sharron! I'm so glad you've been supporting her here and I'm doubly glad that I've sent her money!

  2. Guess who said Angle won the debate?

    Why, Jon Ralston, of course.

    Nothing so sweet as the tears of the enemy...

  3. I thought that a strong showing by Angle would be decisive. As of this writing, Intrade shows Angle with an implied lead smaller than the bid-ask spread. By that measure, the race remains close (close enough to steal?).
    I gather that the Tea Party Express is focusing on the Alaska, Delaware and Nevada Senate races. Based on Intrade, Alaska is a probable, though not certain, win for the Tea Party, and Delaware is a loss. That leaves NV as the tie breaker.

    Because Reid is Majority Leader, IMHO the Tea Party would gain as much political capital from wins in AK and NV as they would lose if all three states went against them.

  4. Prof. Jacobson, I hear your best friend, Mr. Ralston, has admitted that Angle won the debate. Oh, the agony that man must be experiencing.