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Thursday, October 28, 2010

New New Dem Low

The New Dem Low is not lowest anymore.

These really are shameless evil people, I Had a One-Night Stand With Christine O'Donnell, complete with anatomical descriptions.

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  1. I'm sure the whole thing just makes one Proud to be Democrat.

  2. So, I guess 'One-Night Stand' now means shameful evening spent with a stranger but without penetration. They've downgraded the sleeziness.

    Excellent, at least it wasn't the One-Night Stand, I was thinking about.

    To think how they must have waited and plotted to manipulate anything they could get their hands on, in that poor womans life to degrade her THIS particular way. Conservative Women aren't safe. Where are the Feministas???? They'll never defend her, she has no Dorito chip.

  3. I'm only surprised that it took until the Thursday before the election for this to be printed.

    They are pushing people toward her.....pushing all this -uh, dirt - they show who they really are.

    I hope Christine O'Donnell wins - BIG, especially after this low, low attack smear. I've heard her polling is looking even better. I hope it's true - that Delaware sees the direction that these libs are taking them and that they say "enough!" by voting for Christine.

  4. Wow, they're REALLY reaching for that October Surprise, ain't they?

  5. My first response was, "who cares?" I mean, I don't know about all of you, but I've had my share of nights out and whatnot. So what's the big deal about Christine O'Donnell. From my vantage point, she isn't running on a "don't touch men" platform.

    This is so blatantly irrelevant and the guy who wrote it (assuming he isn't lying his @$$ off) is a total creep. I can't imagine many girls will want to date a guy who tells all in a public forum.

    As for O'Donnell, this will have no negative affect on her, and may even win her a few sympathy votes.

  6. "
    I'm sure the whole thing just makes one Proud to be Democrat."

    I do not understand how any one could be proud to be a Democrat.

  7. Apparently Gawker paid for this story and the author seems to have been identified.