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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Top 10

These are the final candidates to whom I am contributing:
  1. John Raese (Senate, West Virginia)(open seat, formerly Robert Byrd)
  2. Dino Rossi (Senate, Washington)(v. Patty Murray, incumbent)
  3. Todd Young (IN-9)(v. Baron Hill, incumbent)
  4. Van Tran (CA-17)(v. Loretta Sanchez, incumbent)
  5. Allen West (FL-22)(v. Ron Klein, incumbent)
  6. Jeff Perry (MA-10)(open seat, formerly Bill Delahunt)
Plus, past contributions:
  1. George Phillips (NY-22)(v. Maurice Hinchey, incumbent)
  2. Richard Hanna (NY-24)(v. Michael Arcuri, incumbent)
  3. John Loughlin (RI-1)(open seat, formerly Patrick Kennedy)
  4. Sean Beilat (MA-4)(v. Barney Frank, incumbent)
These all are for seats currently or previously held by Democrats, in which a donation could make a difference because the campaigns (for the most part) have not become nationalized as far as fundraising.  Most of the races are rated as toss-ups by Real Clear Politics, although some (e.g., Beilat, Phillips) are potential upsets of hard-core left-wingers.

If there is someone who fits this profile you think readers should know about, please post to comments.

I realize money is tight, but you don't want to wake up on November 3 feeling you could have done more.  There is too much at stake.

Update:  Good point made by a reader.  These are my Top 10 for donations, not necessarily the ten most important races.  Certainly, Sharron Angle defeating Harry Reid is at or near the top in importance, but money has been pouring in to Angle, so it is a lower donation priority for me.

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  1. I'm so glad you included Allen West on your list. I have been a supporter from the time he first ran and consider him a remarkably able leader.

  2. Dr. Nan Hayworth (NY-19)(v. John Hall, incumbent)

  3. Surprised Renee Ellmers and Sharron Angle didn't make the top 10.

  4. Daniel Webster's defeat of Alan Grayson ranks as my no.1 wallet opener. I know there's perhaps more important races in terms of the removal of negatively influential Dems, however, I liken it to going under the knife for testicular cancer and the doctor removing a wart from the end of your Chief of Staff.

  5. The best way to beat Barney Frank-maybe the only way to beat him-is to make him go completely berserk. The best way to do that is to play up to what he fears most. He is terrified of being in the next Congress, surrounded by a big majority of Republicans, many of whom will be Tea Party conservatives. The thought of that probably keeps him up at nights wondering when he will be investigated, censured, expelled, or maybe prosecuted.

    Let's make it loud and clear that, if he does win his re-election bid, that might well be what he has to look forward to.

    If you think his and his boyfriends behavior has been bizarre thus far, I promise you from that point on, it will get downright surreal.

  6. If they don't appear on this list, they don't get no money!


  7. Get rid of Alan Grayson. The man's a menace to decency and a canker sore in the body politic.

    Donate to Daniel Webster's campaign.

    He's leading now which means in the next two weeks Grayson is likely to launch some new scurrilous slanders against him.

  8. Local Recommendations Coming In:

    Add two and possibly three from central and southern portions of New Jersey.

    That's right . . . you heard me! New Jersey!

    In the NJ 3rd District, which crosses the State in South Jersey, Congressman John Adler of Cherry Hill (Camden County) is being absolutely pummeled by popular former Eagle lineman, Republican Jon Runyan over fraud allegations.

    It is a district formerly held by long time Republican Congressman, Jim Saxton.

    Adler got in '06 because of the Obama wave. This year, he goes out with the undertow!

    Operatives in the uber-sleazy Adler campaign have been exposed in the press for participated in setting up and backing a fake "Tea Party" candidate (Peter DeStefano), who they were secretly hoping would draw approximately 5% of the vote away from Runyan -- conservative & independent voters.

    But the Camden Courier Post got the story of the fraudulent candidate, and the exposure has since rocked Adler's former lead. Even though Adler still has a money advantage, the word has gotten around.

    John Adler, meanwhile, is trying to tough it out, and is stupidly denying the allegations, both as to his staff and himself, and now major dailies are both calling for Adler to fess up, and for an FEC investigation to be conducted.

    No one believes Adler. He has been on the defensive for about two weeks now, and his campaign is evaporating before his eyes, as Jon Runyan continues to call "fraud."

    The vast bulk of the district is outside of Camden County -- 20% in Camden -- and is split between generally more conservative Burlington and Ocean Counties.

    Adler is going down!

    In the NJ 12th District, businessman Scott Sipprelle has been methodically and consistently chipping away at the "most liberal Congressman in the country", Rush Holt.

    As of one week ago, Sipprelle had the race in the sprawling, portions of 5 counties district, down to a mere 5% difference and the Republican has even been endorsed by the President of the Trenton City Council . . . gee, guess which party he is!

    The largest chunk of the District -- in a portion of Middlesex County -- usually votes for a Democrat, but last year it came in for our new Governor, Chris Christie, as did the rest of Middlesex as well.

    The key in the race seems to be that a whopping 2/3 of independent voters are going for Sipprelle over Holt.

    And even in New Jersey's 6th District, feisty challenger, Anna Little, is giving long time Democrat, Frank Pallone, the self-anointed "father of ObamaCare", the run of his life!

    One poll even has it as a ONE POINT RACE, with a "certain to vote" margin showing her in the lead. A week earlier, one poll had her down by 12!

    Governor Christie is actively campaigning with her.

    So, go figure . . . "Blue" New Jersey seems to be as disgusted and fed up with these Democrats as are so many other states all across the country!

  9. The #1 race for everyone should be making sure that Kirk wins. That's simply the most important race in the U.S., due to the alternative.

  10. http://youtu.be/UbmahmFtKbQ

    Todd Young faces the Baron Hill machine in Indiana. He needs your support