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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rhode Island Dems Left With Empty Seat At The $7500 Table

The high and mighty Democrats in Rhode Island who paid $7500 per plate to attend an elaborately catered dinner with Barack Obama were left with an empty seat at the table.

As reported by The Providence Journal, after giving a 20-minute speech to those gathered at the home of Arnold B. "Buff" Chace, Jr. (son of one of the co-founders of Bershire Hathaway), Obama left:

Guests included three of the four-member Rhode Island Democratic congressional delegation -- Rhode Island Senators Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse and Kennedy. Rep. James R. Langevin had left the presidential party at an earlier stop.
Also on hand: Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Maryland, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee -- who introduced the president -- and [Democratic nominee for Congress in RI01 David] Cicilline.

In attendance too, was consultant Ira Magaziner, the Rhode Islander who managed former President Bill Clinton's unsuccessful health care initiative. Magaziner won a friendly acknowledgment from the president.

"He was there for the last round in 1994," said the president, referring to the health care initiative. "He knows how tough it is."
Mr. Obama spoke for around 20 minutes ...

Mr. Obama concluded his remarks at about 7:30, saying he couldn't stay for dinner.

"I've got to go home to tuck in the girls and walk the dog and scoop the poop," he said.
$7500 for a 20 minute speech.  Buyer's remorse? 

Nah, if they didn't have buyer's remorse before the dinner, they never will.

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  1. Now, that's one presidential president, wouldn't you say? I'm so proud. /snark

  2. "People just don't appreciate how hard it is for me to commit time to these fund raisers considering the mess I inherited from President Bush." BHO

  3. And someone once famously said about Richard Nixon: "No class".

    I wonder if that same person is still living...

  4. Nothing about who would be responsible for scooping the poop deposited during his 20 minutes behind the podium?

  5. Wondering how many paid the $7500 out of their own pockets and not paid for by their foundation, campaign fund, committee or such? I'm just sayin...

  6. Too bad BHO's mommy couldn't stick around long enough to teach him basic manners. Still, wouldn't you think that a "typical white" grandma would have instilled the essentials in a young boy so clearly chosen to be the Won?

    Apparently even an Ivy League education was insufficient to fill the enthusiasm for manners gap. Although the records do reflect that he was "present" for the Business Etiquette seminar.

  7. "I've got to go home to tuck in the girls and walk the dog and scoop the poop"

    So many euphemisms in one sentence.

    I'm guessing "walk the dog" means to attack Republicans, as that seems to be a routine chore for him. "Scoop the poop" probably refers to campaigning for Democrats.

    I'm not sure what "tuck in the girls" means.

  8. He seems to have an aversion to eating with people.