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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quick Lunchtime Questions

This is one of those days when, with so much happening, it's hard to be sitting through a law conference.

So tell me ....

What lunatic ideas have the Dems come up with today to distract attention away from their abysmal record?

Any more illegal aliens outed?

Any more rape victims used for political purposes?

Are foreigners still trying to buy the election for Republicans?

I just  have to know.

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  1. Try this:


  2. The Chamber of Commerce is hiring illegal aliens with foreign money to tie Barney Franks to the tracks and call female republican candidates 'whores' on democrat conference calls while throwing kittens down mine-shafts in Chili. MSNBC will be doing a 3 hour special on it Monday called "The Chamber: America's Monster Within".

    Truly, no evil is beyond them.

  3. How about a ten million dollar lawsuit against Pamela Geller?

  4. Today is pretty much a give-me for the Dems with the rescue of the Chilean miners going on.

  5. I dunno, I've been watching the Chilean miners' rescue all day. Their president and first lady were there for every single one. Do you think that would happen here?