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Saturday, October 30, 2010

NY Times Breaks Cone of Silence On Maurice Hinchey Assault! (Sorta)

As my readers know, we have been on a New York Time's cone of silence watch as relates to allegations by an upstate reporter (corroborated at least in part by others) that Congressman Maurice Hinchey assaulted the reporter after the reporter asked tough questions regarding a possible Hinchey federal funding conflict of interest.

Despite the graphic details of the assault, and the news reports in smaller market upstate papers, the NYT was silent (although it dutifully reported on incidents involving Joe Miller and Rand Paul supporters).

Now, at long last, The Times has broken its cone of silence in an article published yesterday (h/t HotAir) regarding natural gas "fracking" in Hinchey's district (which includes Ithaca), Fracking Pumps Up Pressure in Upstate N.Y. Congressional Race.

If you read really deep down in the article, you will see that The Times exposes the assault in all it's infamy, well, sorta.  As reported (emphasis mine, so you don't miss it):

Hinchey has also been hurt by former New York Mayor Ed Koch's endorsement of Phillips -- because Koch says Hinchey is not sufficiently supportive of Israel -- and a video of a mild verbal altercation between Hinchey and a local reporter that has attracted attention on YouTube.
That's it.  A "mild verbal altercation," even though the allegation that Hinchey repeatedly pushed the reporter was corroborated by others, and the reporter also alleged that Hinchey started to grab the reporter by the throat before quickly backing off.

Cone of silence broken, cone of deception firmly in place.

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