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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Media Matters for Soros

What we always suspected to be true about the function of Media Matters for America and the bloggers who suckle at its informational teet, we now know to be true:
Media Matters, the liberal activist group that wages a rhetorical war against Fox News Channel and others in the conservative press, will announce on Wednesday the receipt of a $1 million donation from the philanthropist George Soros.

In a statement obtained by The Caucus, the organization says it plans to use the money to intensify its efforts to hold the Fox host Glenn Beck and others on the cable news channel accountable for their reporting.
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  1. Let me get this straight. It's bad for Republicans to receive overseas money for elections (the so-called scandal which we know and Mark Shields confirms is all made up), but it's OK for an overseas BILLIONAIRE (what happened to the war on the rich?) to spend money to suppress a media organization? What the hell has happened to the Left?

  2. "What we always suspected to be true" turns out once again to be wrong. The article you cite states that this is the first time Soros has given money to Media Matters. So while Soros donates $1 million to expose Fox News' lies, the Koch brothers spend 100s of millions of dollars to make sure the US stays addicted to oil.

    And uncledan? You know Soros is an American citizen, right?

  3. Soros is a true American Horatio Alger story. It's amazing what can be achieved with the gold teeth from a few exterminated undesirables, and the miracle of compound interest!

  4. Ahh, the old blood libel against a Holocaust survivor. It will always come back, no matter how many times proved false and malicious. Classy comment there, Kevin.

  5. Timothy do you really believe there is an alternative to oil that people are suppressing? why would they not make money on the alternative energy source?