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Friday, October 22, 2010

Me At The Field Guide To Bloggers

Via DaTechGuy, who stopped by my house in Ithaca with The Other McCain on their way from northern New York covering the Ann Marie Buerkle race to Pennsylvania.  They ate all my pizza, drank all my beer, then left to find their next victim:

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  1. Grifters. One of the hazards of pajamas media. What can you do.

  2. Well I drank your soda anyway.

    I'll make it up to you next time you head back east, we can meet at Linguini's on rte 20

  3. I thank you Professor, for not donning the Fedora.

  4. I love DaTech Guy's field guide interviews, this is great. My daughter was home from college two weekends ago for fall break. She goes to Penn and she said when Obama won in 2008 there was a bigger outpouring from students than when the Phils won that year. Her report on the midterms was very much like yours; there is widespread apathy. She also said students openly state that voting for Obama had been a mistake. I was pretty stunned by that.

    There is, however, no love developing for the Tea Party. They now have a group on campus but students have been persuaded by the media narrative about the Tea Party. Baby steps I guess.

  5. They ate all your food and drank all your potables.

    We can now state with confidence that they are REPORTERS.

  6. Two observations:
    1) You look much younger in video, and
    2) McC wore his hat in the house -- ?

    I'm not surprised Ithaca is mum on the election. I wonder how they feel about Juan Williams being fired by NPR and being hired by Fox News?

  7. At least they left you with a shirt on your back...or at least gave it back for your interview.

  8. Aw, you are the cutest thing evah! :D

  9. What, no fedora? You are perfectly Fedorable! (ANd a MUST read every day, as are every member of the Axis of Fedora!)

  10. Prof, thanks for allowing a little more human insight in to your character. You are a good guy, keep being bold.

  11. To "datechguy" - Nice video, but please, please, please... No more daytime windows in the background! Put your subjects in an area where there is (preferably) a darkish background and have the light from the window illuminating your subject over your shoulder from about a twenty degree angle. It will look a thousand percent better. Literally. A thousand percent. Minimum. Guaranteed.

    Picking nits, I know. Reformed videographer from way back. Sorry.