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Sunday, October 24, 2010

If You Have To Say It

You're losing the messaging war:
"My manhood has never been in question."
Guess who?  (Before you click, stop a second.  Do you really need to click?  Don't you know precisely who it is without clicking to check?  Have confidence in your gut instincts on this one, and don't click.)

Who just said "My manhood has never been in question"?
Al Gore
John Kerry
Barney Frank
Harry Reid
John Edwards
Bill Clinton
Joe Biden
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  1. Sarah Palin!

    (Come on...admit it... it fits her sense of humor!)

  2. queer as a THREE dollar bill?

  3. Well my first instinct was wrong! But the walking corpse from Nevada does not enter my thinking as a man, woman, or family pet for that matter. Trick question!

  4. My first guess was Hillary Clinton.

  5. "This is what her and her kind all around this country are using . . . "

    The grammatically challenged Mr. Reid definitely appears be losing the messaging war!

    Truth is, he is coming across as a bit pathetic. Not sympathetic -- just pathetic.

  6. there should have been an "all of the above" choice...

  7. I clicked, I would have guessed BO himself, but he's not on the list. God knows his manhood has been questioned. Often.