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Monday, October 18, 2010

Substitute Barack Obama For Rand Paul, and You Get Racism and Islamophobia

Democrat Jack Conway's advertisement asserting that there are "questions" about Republican Rand Paul's Christianity, raises in interesting issue.

Substitute Barack Obama for Rand Paul, tweak a few of the allegations, and you would have an advertisement as to which the mainstream media and left-wing blogosphere would scream "Racist!!!" and "Islamophobic!!!"

But it's Rand Paul, so there is a mix of opinion on the left, with many taking the view that all is fair in politics, including questioning someone's Christianity.

The internet has a long memory.

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  1. I am a liberal and I think this ad was inappropriate.

    If the "New Progressives" (Digby's term) want any credibility when they claim to be morally superior to the rest of the world, they need to adhere to the principles they espouse.

  2. "...so there is a mix of opinion on the left, with many taking the view that all is fair in politics, including questioning someone's Christianity."

    Then I guess an ad showing Mexicans crossing the border is fair too then, eh?

    They say that now, but then something will come along that offends their "sensibilities" and they will whine and shout 'dirty politics!'

    I really could care less at this point about how deep Rand's religious beliefs are, etc. What I care about is that once in power, he pushes the yes button when he should and the no button when he should.

  3. You have to admit, Rand Paul is getting a taste of the GOP's own medicine. You can't condemn that ad without condemning years of GOP ads that have been much, much worse.

  4. If you didn't see Chris "Spittle-Boy" Matthews take Conway apart on Hardball, it's worth a watch. In a word -- shocking. Matthews was actually fairly fair-n-balanced -- if that really was Matthews.

    Did anyone else see some weird hole in a space vortex today? Or maybe Ol' Chris has just lost that thrill.



  5. FZ, so how much less could you care about how deep Rand's religious beliefs are, etc.? Can you quantify it?

  6. Substitute BO for anything and that's what you get. You listen to the lefts racebaiters and never once do you hear them reference 10% unemployment and 3 trillion in debt.

  7. Lefties embody projection; they hate better than anyone on earth, so they see hate in everyone (but themselves). Intolerant of (perceived) intolerance, woot! That's A-OK. Judeo-Christianaphobic? Yeah! That's the way to be. Disgustingly misogynistic toward conservative women? Well, of course!

    Hmph. They're disgusting hypocrites.