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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Audacity of Hope to Sail To Gaza

The organizers of the failed Gaza flotilla last June are at it again, planning a flotilla to Gaza next January.  At least this time they are honest that it has nothing to do with humanitarian efforts.

As reported by The Associated Press:
Pro-Palestinian groups plan to sail a flotilla of boats through Israel's sea blockade of Gaza as early as February in the second such attempt in less than a year, activists said Monday.

The activists, representing groups from over a dozen countries including Switzerland, Turkey and the United States, said the flotilla would be bigger than the one stopped by Israel earlier this year.

"It's  not about the aid," Huwaida Arraf of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition told reporters in Geneva.

Arraf said the aim will instead be to show that the Gaza blockade can be broken.
Of course it is about breaking the blockade, which at this point is almost entirely military.  And of course, American useful idiots will be front and center, as before.

The organizing group, US to Gaza, supported by the usual suspects and organizations, has named its ship "The Audacity of Hope" after Obama's book:

There really is only one point to the flotilla, and that is to open up arms shipping by sea by Iran to Hamas in Gaza, and as one of the people interviewed in the video above let slip, to "free Palestine."

Peace, baby.
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  1. I'd be very wary before I climbed aboard any boat christened THE AUDACITY OF HOPE...

    I hear the rudder's broken, the navigational system is kaput, the captain's an inexperienced sea-hand who has already scuttled at least one ship and his hand-picked crew of stooges makes the crew from McHale's Navy look like geniuses.

    I wouldn't be having a mai tai either when they're going over the lifeboat and life vest instructions.

    Good news! There's no icebergs near Gaza.

    "We" @ http://heir2freedom.blogspot.com/2010/10/reagan-vs-obama-is-liberty-vs-tyranny.html

  2. Are the Neutrality Laws still in effect?

    This is breaking blockade?
    A military action?
    The civilians on this ship have been recruited to be staked out to prevent military attacks?
    Doesn’t the Hague or Geneva conventions mention this sort of activity?

    Just asking

  3. It really is an act of war. Insomuch that a hodgepodge of leftists from no particular country are capable of war acts. Is it wrong to draw loose similarities to Islamic fundamentalist's non-centralized acts of war?

  4. Why, oh why, oh why, won't people stop interfering with the war between Israel and the "Palestinians"? I sometimes think that if everyone would just back off, including the US and especially all the other Muslim countries that the two parties might, just might, reach an agreement. Perhaps that is naive, but has anything else worked?

    Anyway, I note that there are four congresspeople on the board of Progressive Democrats for America. Is this appropriate or legal for members of the US government to have any association with an attempt to break a blockade established by a sovereign nation?