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Saturday, October 30, 2010

What Kind Of Person Posts A Tweet Like This?

What kind of person posts a tweet like this?

The same kind of person responsible for running (and still defending) the Christine O'Donnell "one night stand" story. 

There is a sickness in our media, and Gawker is one of its primary homes.

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  1. Check out this tweet... on Rally for Sanity day...


  2. Liberals and Conservatives alike need to unite against this sort of hatred.

  3. Unfortunate as it might seem, one of the jobs of Conservatism is to expose the dimwits in the Internet bleachers whose only claim to intellectual prowess is an electronic megaphone (brains not included).

  4. He must be a participant in Twittergate:

    The Daily Kos, Twittergate & Obama's Birth Certificate Controversy

  5. Remember, Gawker was the only place outside of National Enquirer to expose the John Edwards' love child story. They did it long before Fox deigned to cover it.