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Friday, October 8, 2010

Jon Ralston: Angle Ad "Offensive, Disgusting and Lowbrow"

I posted yesterday about Jon Ralston, the high-profile Nevada political reporter and talk show host, and an exchange I had with him regarding whether he was accusing Sharron Angle of "race-baiting" over a television ad Angle ran on illegal immigration. 

When I pointed out that Ralston appeared to be making such an accusation against Angle, Ralston reacted with a fury, calling me a "shill" and "dishonest jerk" and a "disgrace to [Ralston's] alma mater [Cornell]."

I'm really not sure why Ralston reacted this way since it seemed pretty obvious that he was accusing Angle of race-baiting.  For whatever his reason, Ralston denied it and preferred to call me names.

I've learned, through a comment to my prior post, that Ralston also had a run-in with another blogger who also is a reader here.  That blogger posted an e-mail Ralston sent to her, as follows (emphasis mine):
"Won't respond to you any more on twitter so your minuscule number of followers will have to do without. You have no idea what you are talking about; you are a dishonest partisan, too. I did not equate Angle with helms; Slate did. I link to a lof[sic] of different pieces. By the way, though, tell you friend the dishonest law prof I have decided it is race-baiting. Offensive, disgusting and lowbrow. I'm sure you can relate. Oh, by the way, you had his Twitter handle wrong. I fixed it for you. Good catch on spelling error, though. Bye bye.."

I don't care if Ralston is making the charge of "race-baiting" against Angle, other than to the extent he needs to own up to it.  Apparently now he has.

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  1. so you were a dishonest jerk for pointing out he was accusing Angle of race baiting, but now he admits that's exactly what it was?


  2. It all depends on what Ralston's definition of "it" is.

    His writing is unclear at best... one could conclude many different targets for his inference... you Professor or both of us, Angle, or the Angle hit piece piece his buddy Sebelius wrote for Slate.

    However, I doubt Ralston has seen the light with regards to the ubiquitous leftist penchant for throwing undeserved race-cards into the crowd of folks standing on the right.

  3. Uninformed leftist shills always seem to act this way when they are asked to back up their views. They are offended to have ever been questioned. It shows they don't have an intellectual leg to stand on.

  4. As a fellow Cornellian, (Hotel '81 &'85) Just wanted to say that you are not a disgrace to my Alma Mater, but Ralston and for that matter Cow College Kieth are a disgrace! I am glad I found your blog

  5. I love that Ralston called you a partisan. Oh the irony from such an objective journalist who spends all his day attacking Angle. I guess he considers himself "objective" because he'll throw in something about Reid every once in awhile.

  6. Wow, I could almost see the spittle flying as I read his disjointed and badly composed tweet! I love it when liberals get all lathered up!

  7. And Ralston calls others "dishonest polemics?" Pot? Kettle?

  8. This Ralston would be a more useful and happy person if he had gone to the Diesel Driving Academy instead of "learning" to be a "journalist." At least he would have a real job that has some importance to society.

  9. Watching Angle moving up in the polls can't make Ralston's life easier.

  10. Ralston appears to be just another political Neanderthal, swinging his club at whomever has displeased him. Must be hard to see the rise of a movement designed to make you totally irrelvant. More roadkill on the road to the future.