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Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm Doubling Down On My Top 10

On October 20, I published my Top 10 List for donations (not necessarily the 10 most important races), based on the following criteria:  Must be current Democratic seat; must be toss-up or possibility of an upset of a big name Democrat; and must not be nationalized so that fundraising could help more than in some other races. 

I also focused disproportionately on the House, since we must win the House above all else.  Winning the Senate is a long-shot under any scenario  Also, donations to House candidates can have more of an impact.

On October 20, I said that my donations on that date would be my final donations.  I was wrong.

I'm motivated by the truly disgusting Democratic Party tactics, about which I've posted here before.  The Democrats cannot and will not defend their ideas. Howard Kurtz, formerly of WaPo and now The Daily Beast, sums it up pretty well:
The closing weeks of a campaign are always dirty. But Democrats, trying to fend off a GOP tidal wave, are resorting to highly personal attacks.
Despite the trolling by the media to demoralize us, and the tawdry Democratic Party tactics, I have an increasing sense that these seats are all in play.

By way of example, John Loughlin in RI-01 (my home district) just came out with a poll showing a dead heat, and his opponent Providence Mayor David Cicilline is on the defensive (see NRO's John Loughlin Will Win the Kennedy People’s Seat in RI-1 and The Washington Examiner's Miracle in RI-1?).

Richard Hanna just picked up the endorsement of the largest newspaper in his District in upstate NY, and Sean Beilat is on fire with his Barney Shuffle video.  Dino Rossi and John Raese each are within striking distance, if not slightly ahead.  George Phillips has picked up endorsements by Ed Koch and Maurice Hinchey was hit hard by his assault and battery on a local reporter (Hinchey finally has taken to the airwaves attacking Phillips, a good sign).  The Democrats are desperate in their attacks on Allen West, with the pathetic Debbie Wasserman-Shultz screaming on the streets outside his office.

All in all, we need to deliver the political coup de grâce, and we can do it.

So my final donations were not my final donations.  I'm doubling down for everyone on this list.  I hope you can join me, if not for all 10, at least for one or two of them:

My Top 10

(Not in any particular order)
  1. John Raese (Senate, West Virginia)(open seat, formerly Robert Byrd)
  2. Dino Rossi (Senate, Washington)(v. Patty Murray, incumbent)
  3. Todd Young (IN-9)(v. Baron Hill, incumbent)
  4. Van Tran (CA-17)(v. Loretta Sanchez, incumbent)
  5. Allen West (FL-22)(v. Ron Klein, incumbent)
  6. Jeff Perry (MA-10)(open seat, formerly Bill Delahunt)
  7. George Phillips (NY-22)(v. Maurice Hinchey, incumbent)
  8. Richard Hanna (NY-24)(v. Michael Arcuri, incumbent)
  9. John Loughlin (RI-1)(open seat, formerly Patrick Kennedy)
  10. Sean Beilat (MA-4)(v. Barney Frank, incumbent)
(By the way, I'm also donating to Sharron Angle, Joe Miller and Christine O'Donnell, although they aren't my "Top 10").

Update: Obama Tries To Stop The "Miracle in RI-01"
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  1. Great list! Van Tran is in CA's 47th congressional district. I interviewed him for PJTV last Friday, look for it this week!

  2. There's one candidate this year who's captured (and held) my interest. While I'm delighted at the prospects of filling certain seats in California, New Mexico, Illinois, New York, and Florida, I'm devoting my attention to Christine O'Donnell in Delaware.

    I've been to a few Tea Party rallies in the last couple of years, but I don't really consider myself a Tea Partier. I don't belong to any party, in fact. My belief is no party should have too much national influence, and that all politics should be "local". That's why O'Donnell's candidacy interests me so much. Everyone (outside of Delaware) who talks about the race speaks in terms of national strategy. However, since the day O'Donnell won the nomination over the "establishment" candidate, I've cheered. She's the perfect example of local versus national.

    If she wins, then she'll shock the nation (and possibly the world). Even if she loses, though, she'll still be a personal hero of mine.

  3. Make it a top 11 list and add Christine O'Donnell. She's gonna win. She's got pluck, heart, or, as Georgette Heyer would've said, she's got bottom.

  4. How about Dr. Art Robinson? A respected and reputable scientist and senior author of the Climate Change Petitition that debunks man-made climate change. This is the same petition signed by an estimated 31,000 scientists so far.

    He is also a strict Constitutionalist and is the chosen candidate for the Republican, Independent, Constitution, and Liberatarian Parties of Oregon.

    He is within 6 points of twelve term incumbent Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR, 4th District). DeFazio is one of the six original members of the Congrssional Progressive Caucus(including but not limited to: Bernie Sanders before moving to Sanate, and Maxine Waters)and has served as its president.

    Dr. Robinson has ran a top notch grassroots campaign and has not recieved much in the way of national media attention and zero campaign funds from the NRCC which deemed the seat as "unwinnable." DeFazio is running scared and has mounted an all out smear campaign.

  5. Am I the only one that openly questions the polls that have been published? O'Donnell beat a Beltway career politician. The Democrat was a throwaway with Marxists leanings. This is the year the majority of Americans are in the mood to "throw the bums out." Independents are leaning towards small government candidates big time. Unless there's a majic pill that Deleware voters took to make them want to continue on the road of unemployment and government imposition into their personal lives and futures of their children... I don't get it. I'm from Massachusetts and I have a front row seat on the mood of the taxpayers yet for some reason Deleware is different? I'm not buying it for one second. O'Donnell is going to win. There's a lot of women out there, who remain silent, that are pissed off on how women candidates have been treated. There's a lot of "Democrats" that are embarassed about what their party has done to us. There's a lot of Tea Party supporters that wouldn't give the right time of day to pollsters nevermind tell them they're going to vote for the Republican candidate. There's too many people that have come to the realization that the MSM is not telling the truth... and this is one election that is going to prove it. O'Donnell is going to win unless they steal it from her.

  6. each time I try to reach your site using google chrome i get the message that the site may be infected with malware from the site smalldeadanimals.com. This just started this AM. I tried to copy and paste the warning but the commies who do this to conservative sites wouldn't allow it. couldn't find another way to contact - hopefully someone will pass this on.

  7. @doug - thanks for letting me know, this has happened before with other sites in the feed. I've temporarily removed small dead animals until the problem is fixed (which hopefully will be soon, since it is a great site).

  8. Thank you for your list. It reminded me of my antipathy towards Baron Hill (he represents a neighboring district). Then I saw the attack ad run by the DCCC against Todd Young, and knew I had to contribute.

    In case you haven't seen it, the ad is a ridiculous attack on Young's positions. First, they say he was a Washington insider because he lobbied for a radical group wanting to privatize Social Security. Insider AND radical?? Then they attack him for wanting add a tax on 'working families' for 23% on everything they buy -- sourcing the Fair Tax website! Talk about misrepresentation!

    Of course, both of those positions are big pluses as far as I'm concerned. I contributed as much as I could!