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Friday, October 8, 2010

Mosque Attacked

Again, not here.  In Afghanistan.  By the Taliban.

As reported by Bill Roggio:

The Taliban have murdered the head of Kunduz province, along with 14 other people, in a bombing today at a mosque in the neighboring province of Tahkar. The governor had been outspoken in his opposition to the Taliban and allied terror groups operating in the north.

Governor Muhammad Omar was killed while worshiping during Friday prayers at the Spinghar mosque in Taluqan, the provincial capital of Takhar province, Pajwhok Afghan News reported. Omar regularly attended Friday prayers at the Spinghar mosque. The Taliban are thought to have planted the bomb in the mosque prior to the service, and detonated it during prayers. Among those also killed in the blast was the prayer leader of the mosque.
Worldwide outrage to follow?

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  1. Yeah -- I'm feelin' all outrage-y and stuff.

  2. I wonder how many Korans were burned?

  3. So . . . in order for Americans to get any perspective on some of the savage, internacine acts of slaughter involving Muslim-on-Muslim violence in the world, they must rely on Bill Roggio and other independent journalists to give them that, because few of our MSM news-gathering outlets think it is a story worthy of being broadcast!

    But the objections of a majority of Americans to a victory Mosque being built on the border of Ground Zero, are somehow "worthy" of being portrayed over and over again by that same MSM as hateful and provocative feelings!

    CNN has reported the bombing in a separate video, but no one else has given it much coverage at all. Fox included the news in a wire story about Afghanistan, one regarding a British aide worker killed during a rescue attempt in eastern Kunar Province (where some believe Osama bin Laden may be). ABC did not report it, nor did CBS. NBC carried a small wire story.

    The real context seems to be that our NATO troops have been targeting mid-level and upper-level Taliban fighters and other insurgents in Khandahar, and the southern Afghan strongholds.

    This Mosque attack, however, was in the capitol of Takhar Province in the far north where there had been some indications of stability. The bombing is perhaps another indication of a seriously deteriorating situation between at least elements of the Pakistani intelligence services and the United states and NATO forces, as Pakistan's ISI has reportedly been actively encouraging the Taliban forces to continue to resist in that area.