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Friday, October 22, 2010

Support John Loughlin

Update 10-24-2010:  Two updates so important I'm putting them at the top of this post.  Take a look at Miracle in RI-1? by David Freddoso at The Washington Examiner and John Loughlin Will Win the Kennedy People’s Seat in RI-1 by Jack Fowler at NRO.


John Loughlin is running for the seat formerly held by Patrick Kennedy, in my home district RI-01.  I have written about Loughlin before.

Loughlin has run a smart campaign in light of the huge union backing for his Democratic opponent, Providence Mayor David Cicilline.

I watched one of the televised debates and Loughlin took Cicilline apart.  Cicilline has run a typical DCCC campaign, trying to scare Seniors about Social Security.

Obama is flying in to Rhode Island on Monday to try to give Cicilline a lift; Scott Brown will be in RI the same day campaigning for Louglin.

As reported by The Providence Journal, while Cicilline has raised many times more money, Loughlin is closing strong but needs financial help at this critical moment:
Republican state Rep. John J. Loughlin II of Tiverton continues to raise money at the fastest clip of his campaign for Congress, but Democratic candidate David N. Cicilline has once again outstripped him -- by a factor of more than 2-to-1 -- in the last major fundraising report of the season.
Providence Mayor Cicilline raised $85,636 to Loughlin's $40,193 during the two weeks ending Oct. 13, according to their final comprehensive reports to the Federal Election Commission before Election Day.
Cicilline outspent Loughlin by a much bigger margin: $142,710 to $68,210. That reflects the overall pattern: Cicilline has poured a total of $1.45 million into the campaign; Loughlin, $503,770.

Loughlin backers will find hope in the latest report, arguing that President Obama must come to Cicilline's aid in Rhode Island next week because the mayor hasn't been able to put this race away -- despite what Loughlin spokeswoman Cara Cromwell called Cicilline's extraordinary cash "burn rate.''
Cromwell argued that Loughlin's thrift will now permit him to close with his heaviest TV ad spending when it counts, exploiting his rising visibility in campaign debates and other events. Loughlin still had $114,000 in the bank on Oct. 13, compared to Cicilline's $205,976.
Loughlin, who is on my Top 10 List, could use some help.  Cicilline has better name recognition, but television advertising by Loughlin in this closing week could make a difference.

Please donate if you can.

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  1. Here's another one, Professor:

    NH2 is a historically R district that went over to the Democrats in 2006.

    It was comfortably R up until the last week, when the Democrat came back and is now leading in some polls.




    Her positions (what could be found):


    His voting record:


    He could use some support, I think!

  2. I still cannot BELIEVE I lived in that district for thirty years and dutifully dragged myself out to vote every two or four years, only to see everything I cherished go down 75/25...and now that I move away, there's a shot.

    Hey, maybe I was the jinx.