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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This Will Work As Well As Aqua Buddha

The left-blogosphere and punditry have been hoping for right-wing political violence for two years now with no success. 

From Bill Sparkman to countless others, these people have been waiting for the fire to justify all the smoke they have been blowing about "extremist" and "crazy" and "violent" and "un-American" Tea Partiers and conservatives.

Memeorandum is overflowing right now with overblown accounts of what amounted to a brief scuffle when a professional provocateur on the payroll of MoveOn.org attempted as a publicity stunt to "present" Rand Paul with a phony MoveOn.org "award" as Paul exited his car to enter the debate forum in Paducah, Ky.

The people around Paul had no way of knowing that this person intended only to present an "award."  Some of their actions may have been unwarranted and possibly criminal, such as the person who pushed her down with his foot, but make no mistake about it, this was a deliberate provocation intended to create a scene. 

We can at the same time condemn criminal conduct and call this incident for the provocation that it was; the two are not mutually exclusive.

In this highly charged political atmosphere -- Jack Conway supporters had surrounded Paul shouting "we want Jack" as Paul exited his car and Paul's security was attempting to hold back the crowd -- the usual sophomoric publicity stunts such as pie throwing create a risk of violence.

While the left-blogosphere is sucking on this incident like a crack addict who has gone days without a fix, the reality is that most Americans will recognize this for what it was and is:  A provocation by an organization known for provocation intended to create a publicity stunt to be used to distract the public from the abject failure of the Democrats who are standing for election.

This publicity stunt gone bad will work about as well as Jack Conway's Aqua Buddha strategy, which has allowed Rand Paul to pull away in the polls.

Keep it up.  Your disconnect grows larger every day.

Update:  As I suspected, provocateur was not so innocent.  In an amazing videotape obtained by Redstate, she is shown rushing Paul's car and shoving something into the window before it had come to a stop and again charging him as he exited the vehicle -- a clearly provocative action which should have alerted bystanders that she posed a danger.  This completely debunks the foaming at the mouth narrative that this was anything other than a deliberate provocation (which does not excuse the foot to the shoulders after the fact, but does explain why she was pulled away by Paul supporters).

See my new post, New Video Exposes The False Narrative of the "Stomping" Victim.

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  1. Two words for the MSM, SEIU, and the Left:
    Kenneth Gladney.

    And he wasn't being batsh*t crazy, either.

  2. The MSM will not report this for the provocation that it was, but only for the error in judgement (that's really all it was, though it DOES rise to the level of assault) on the part of the supporter.

    Remember....in the MSM, there is only one side to every story. And that side is not ours.

  3. Once again, the complicit MSM shows their hand: people are onto this, and most know they can't believe the MSM. In fact, the more they hype this, the more people will be repelled, as you point out.

    Alinsky-ites, we know the rules now. The majority of those who you target ARE onto you. Not even the MSM can save your cause. Indeed, professor, this WILL do as well for reminding us what we're up against, what we are voting about, and why we MUST get out the vote!

  4. Limbaugh had a good take on this.

    1) The Move-On agitator approached Paul wearing a wig - red flags should be going off.

    2) The Move-On agitator tried to hand Paul and unidentified object. Security breach.

    3) The TEA Party people are comprised of people who aren't putting up with this crap any more. If you get in their faces and act like you're going to do something crazy, you just might get smacked down.

  5. The idiots at one left-wing blog refer to the incident as a "curb-stomp." That reflects either insane hyperbole, or complete ignorance of what "curb-stomping" actually entails.

  6. Frankly, I'm surprised she wasn't held at gunpoint.

  7. This woman deserved every action she experienced. She constituted an unknown threat to a candidate utterly hated by the left. Supporters would have been negligent had they allowed this protester to get any closer or even get up.

    As for the so-called stomping--what exactly is the difference between holding her down with your hands or holding her down with your foot? Or both? This was no stomping and anyone who watches the video knows it. If there had been no foot, then the whining and crying would have been about how this woman was manhandled away from Paul and thrown to the ground.

  8. Apparently you missed the stomping on her face part.

    It's amazing to watch right wingers trying to minimize and justify this. It's the same mentality that turn to Fox News for information and claim is not bias when it's blatant one sided propaganda coming from Fox News.

  9. Btw, as the video makes clear, nothing was "shoved" INSIDE the vehicle - but the right sees what they want to see. To them, it was appropriate for one of this candidate's staffers to stomp on her head. How manly!

  10. davemartin7777, the video shows Lauren Valle of Falmouth, MA, a paid "activist" was attempting to shove her placard into the car window, it was right up to the window. The woman has a criminal arrest record, for committing a federal crime in Louisiana. It's not too long back we heard about another looney lefty like Valle, from Massachusetts, Amy Bishop, and we know what Bishop felt entitled to do, murdering those who she felt she had a right to have a grudge against.

  11. Oh, and by the way, have to ask, where was the left's outrage when that moveon.org protester bit off the finger of that retired vet last year? I notice the MSM ignored that, despite the fact that it was reported in the local news.

    Also, quite frankly, if even a woman had approached Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi or anyone else's vehicle, and attempted to shove a placard through the window, she would have gotten a lot more than merely being brought to the ground and having a foot placed on her shoulder to keep here there. She would have been tased at the very least.

  12. @ceolas: I realize it's popular to say the MSM didn't report on that (universally reported as dual-reponsibility) fistfight but Google 'finger bitten off protest' and you'll find stories by FoxNews, CBS, MSNBC, NY Daily News, WaPo, and others whose Sep. 3rd stories predate the Sep. 4th blogs whining about the lack of coverage. There's no excuse for intellectual laziness. Whatever your ideology, you shouldn't need a martyr complex to practice it.

    Also even if there were a strategic coverage gap, equating a mutual situation to one which is demonstrably not is intellectually bankrupt.

    Anyone who say there was an item shoved in the car has the burden of proof- WHERE IS IT?