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Monday, October 25, 2010

Beware The Boston Globe Bearing Polls

The Boston Globe, which is all in for the Democrats, has released a poll (via HotAir) showing Barney Frank up 13 points against Sean Beilat, but still well below 50%.

Beware The Boston Glove bearing polls.  Remember this headline, just 9 days prior to the Scott Brown - Martha Coakley special election:
Senate poll: Coakley up 15 points
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  1. When I saw the Brown/Coakley poll, I remember thinking, Do they -- the Globies -- really believe this? They're either dense or deranged. Either way, their sense of shame is now just a shadow of a long-ago memory.

    Here's hoping history repeats itself.

  2. I agree with "None" - because none of what the Globe publishes around elections can be taken seriously. Get on board with Sean, retire Barney, and let's bring on the second Massachusetts Miracle!