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Monday, October 18, 2010

Suggestions Wanted for "Obama on Mythbusters" Segment

Obama will be appearing on the Discovery Channel television program Mythbusters, according to an AP report (h/t Pundette):
President Barack Obama will appear on an episode of “Mythbusters,” a television show that uses science to determine the truth behind urban legends.

The White House says the episode will air Dec. 8 on the Discovery Channel.

Discovery says the episode considers this question:  Did Greek scientist Archimedes set fire to an invading Roman fleet using only mirrors and the reflected rays of the sun?

Officials say the president’s appearance, which has already been taped, is part of a White House push to promote math and science education.
Now, if you were the director of the segment, which myths would you have had Obama bust?

Let me get it started:
  • You can keep your health insurance and your doctor if you want to.
  • The Stimulus Plan has saved or created millions of jobs.
  • George Bush is to blame for our current record deficits.
Help, please.

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  1. And another safe harbor is closed by the cult of personality.

  2. 'To promote math and science education'


    'Free campaign ad for 2012'

  3. So, is Obama going to play the role of the sun in the Archimedes myth?

  4. Hmmm, color me skeptical on this one. For one reason, they already did two segments on the "Archimedes Death Ray"; one busting the myth, and one figuring out other ways to make a fleet of ships burst into flames. Now that's some great TV.

    Also, I can scarcely believe that Obama's advisors/minions/handlers would think it's a good idea to put the President on television with, er... Never mind.

    Okay, so let's get them to bust the myth about the White House's toxic vegetable garden! No?

    All right, how about the myth that Obama actually wrote those two "autobiographical" books. That ought to make an interesting episode, no?

    Or perhaps the one that claims that now that Obama is President, we are in a "post-racial" era?

    I give up.

  5. Dammit, Mythbusters was on of the few shows where I can escape from the MSM's constant liberal barrage and now the Obamanation's stupid face is going to taint that too.

    Go to heck, Obama. Is there anyplace you won't go to to cram you and your agenda down our throat?

    And Mythbusters already did the Archimedes Death Ray myth. Yup, just like everything with Obama, it's a rehash disguised as something new.

  6. Since having his mail re-routed and delivered to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, by how much have the oceans stopped rising and exactly how much has the planet healed?

  7. Debunk the myth that Mr. & Mrs. America dont actually want to savage bait-n-switch mf'ers

  8. I want them to find the tax cuts in the Stimulus bill.

  9. Giving serious thought to cancelling cable, since Discovery is my major reason for having it. Good thing for them we still have "Dirty Jobs".

  10. D'you think the hosts will be able to bust the MYTH THAT IS OBAMA?

  11. "It won't cost the taxpayer anything." AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (Blam) (Commenter falls out of chair)

  12. This is the dumbest appearance ever.

    But DUDE. What if he went on to exclusively show the long form of his Birth Certificate? That'd finally give him a long overdue cool point in my book. Right now, he's at, like -200, and I feel awkward for all my friends who think he's still "hip" to support.

  13. Barack Hussein Skywalker, fighting The Empire! Bwahahah! Orrin Hatch and Jim De Mint as lords and masters!

  14. Per CNN's Political Ticker, it would be hard to beat the actual myth that Obama will apparently be busting:

    "If you’re being chased by a crocodile, is it better to run in a zigzag?"

    Now that's like four different kinds of funny!

  15. Oops, alas! I should have known it was too hilarious to be true. Mythbusters already debunked the crocodile dance. There must have been some inspired joker in a back room who decided to use it as an example of the kind of myth the Prez could be confronting. Better wait till I get to the end of the column instead of laughing first, not last, next time.

  16. When Obama got the Democratic nomination, did:

    - we begin to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless?

    - the rise of the oceans begin to slow and our planet begin to heal?

    - we end a war and secure our nation and restore our image as the last, best hope on earth?

  17. He is disproving the myth that there is only one way to jump a shark.

  18. Where is everybody? Eighteen comments and no one is listing Obama myths.

    SO! Confirmed, plausible or busted:

    -Obama is a natural born American citizen.

    -Obama is a Christian.

    -Obama is the most intelligent president ever.

    -Obama gay love affair.

    -Obama is Mortimer Snerd, teleprompter is Edgar Bergen.

  19. Confirmed, plausible or busted:

    -Obama is a uniter.

    -Obama is a post-racial American president.

    -Obama is the first post-partisan American president.

    -Obama once told the truth. (Once admitted that he never, ever tells the truth but it was later proven to be a lie.)

  20. Obama will now demonstrate there really IS such a thing as a free lunch.

  21. Obama: was he in the Whoommp There It Is video?

  22. Dang it, Brent, you got to it first. My initial, astonished thought was, "Holy smokes, they're going to help the President jump the shark and ruin their brand.