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Thursday, October 7, 2010

In Answer To Your Question, He's Not Going To Move To The Center

Well, it's not like it's been all love and kisses, even when he had overwhelming majorities.  As reported by The L.A. Times (emphasis mine):
Republican majority in Congress would mean "hand-to-hand combat" on Capitol Hill for the next two years, threatening policies Democrats have enacted to stabilize the economy, President Obama warned Wednesday.
Waiting for the media to scream about the incitement to violence by warning of "hand-to-hand combat."

And racial politics still is front and center -- as it always was although the media denied it:
Speaking on Michael Baisden's syndicated radio show, Obama also made a direct appeal to African Americans about the importance of the November vote, even though he's not on the ballot himself.
"The reason we won [in 2008] is because young people, African Americans, Latinos -- people who traditionally don't vote in high numbers -- voted in record numbers. We've got to have that same kind of turnout in this election," he said. "If we think that we can just vote one time, then we have a nice party at Obama's inauguration, and then we can kind of sit back and suddenly everything's going to change – that's just not how it works."
If I didn't know who said this, I'd be convinced it was someone who at heart is a community agitator.

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  1. Only if he brings Michelle, Obama stands a chance in hand-to-fight combat.

  2. There can be only one "first time election of a black president." That accomplished, re-election is a yawner to many left of center, methinks.

  3. I think it's possible, that he won't adjust, even likely. And I really hope he doesn't move, but I'll believe it when I see it. And I hope I see it, because that'll be the last straw. He'll be Carter and not Clinton. *fingers crossed*

  4. The Secular Savior sounds like the school-yard brat who feels his popularity waning so he resorts to muckraking to make his ranks grow again.

    Boy, does he ever see November from his "idiot boards," er, I mean tele-prompter; it ain't pretty. And he's desperate.

    I get the feeling that he's going to beat Carter as the most pesky and worst ex-president the US will have thus far. He'll be around a loooooooong time since he'll still be pretty young. 'Guess we gotta get used to it.

  5. Obama misunderstood or missed the "lock and load" comment made earlier by a prominent Republican. Sounds like he's bringing a knife to a gunfight.