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Sunday, August 1, 2010

What Your Health Care Will Look Like

I originally linked to this in the sidebar (via It Don't Make Sense), but have promoted it front and center because if ever there were a reason to fear government, this creepy video of Chevy VOLT dancers and the VOLT song is it.

If a camel is a horse designed by committee, the VOLT ad campaign ... well, watch for yourself:

Nickie at It Don't Make Sense commented: "This is just the kind of promotion the Soviets would offer when announcing the New and Improved 1978 Lada."

That is pretty harsh on the Lada folks, who had a much better sense of humor:

Just wait until the geniuses who took over GM run your health care. Our health care system will look and sound something like this version of Sweet Home Alabama:

Be afraid, be very afraid

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  1. Who choreographed the Volt thing? OMMFG! I could have done THAT.

    "Emission free"? Anybody have a clue where that electricity comes from? Anyone? Bueller? And adding a step in a cycle ALWAYS reduces efficiency, so it's actually MORE POLLUTING!!!!! Who's running this thing anyway? Is this thing on?!?!?! Hello?!?!?!

  2. Oh. Dear. Lord. Just shoot me now.

  3. I want to see the cat that coughed up those haircuts. They couldn't let it go without a Russian dirgh at the end.

  4. Breakdancing? Does anyone even know what that is anymore? What a moronic ad.

  5. It figures that someone with "Bird" in their name would attempt to defame the reputations of Felines everywhere.

    Can you provide proof that a Cat, Communist, or otherwise, was responsible for those silly haircuts?

    Felines, American ones especially, serve the cause of Good over Evil in ways undreamed of in your philosphy, every day, and have done so for centuries.

    This story is just one example:


    Sincerely yours,

    Agent 00Pussy

  6. It is a measure of just how horrible the economy is that they got dancers to perform this dreck...

  7. Don't forget the Wendys commercial about ladies clothing, "attention please, and now schvimvear." You're right professor, be very afraid.

  8. well, car companies do weird crap all the time, and i am not sure its different than usual. The more horrifying thing is that it gets about 40 miles before running out of power.

    I drive 23 miles to work each morning. i literally could not go there and back again with it, unless i could find somewhere to plug it in, and its my understanding you can't just plug them into your typical wall outlet.

    earth to washington: AMERICA DOESN'T WANT ELECTRIC CARS.

    hybrids, sure, but no one wants to be dependant on a battery to get home. its that simple.

  9. Even the music sounds like something that came out of eastern Europe 50 years ago.

    There really are no words to describe the creepiness factor of the "official government motors dance" and "official government motors song".

  10. Iowahawk had this covered over a year ago:

    Is he prescient, or what?